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Photos by Mary Barone
The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum’s 2004 Inaugural MAKE IT NEW! Gala
held on June 12 at the Aldrich’s new building
Aldrich docent Patricia Weiner
Mary Boone and Andrew Hall
Aldrich director Harry Philbrick
Aldrich gala honoree Peter Halley
Gala committee members Kathy Kennedy and Elizabeth Spears
Artist John F. Simon, Jr.
Artist Chrissy Conant
Aldrich board chairman Kathleen O'Grady
British artist Roger Hiorns and Anastasia Marsh
Artnet’s Ana Finel Honigman and art dealer Valerie McKenzie
Dealer Pavel Zoubok
Dealer Jack Shaiman
Artists Paul Henry Ramirez, Claire Corey and Ross Knight
Work by Brit Sculptor Laura Ford
Architect Tim Culbert
Architect Celia Imrey
Gala chair Pamela Auchincloss
Brit Sculpture curator Stephen Hepworth
Artist Yuken Teruya
Architect Caroline Voss
Participant gallery director Leah Gangitano, collectors Marvin and Alice Kosmin
British artists James Ireland and Laura Ford