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Photos by Mary Barone
  Artist Stephen Posen opens "Dancer/Mirror," a drawing installation at the Drawing Room in SoHo, May 5, 2006
Stephen Posen
Stephen Posenís wife, Susan Posen, and their daughter, Alexandra
Art historian Dore Ashton
Another Posen family member -- designer Zac Posen
Rivington Arms co-founder Melissa Bent with David Shapiro
Raphael Rubinstein (left) and collector Jim Cottrell
Actress Paz de la Huerta
  "An Ongoing Low-grade Mystery," organized by Bob Nickas, opens at Paula Cooper Gallery, May 6, 2006
Paula Cooper
Bob Nickas, Simon de Pury and
Olivier Vrankenne
Photographer Naomi Fisher
Paula Cooper Gallery director Steve Henry
  The Checkerboard Film Foundation honors Kiki Smith with a reception and premiere of the documentary,
Squatting the Palace, directed by Vincent Katz, at the Racquet Club on Park Avenue, May 10, 2006
Squatting the Palace director Vincent Katz with his mother, Ada
Kiki Smith
Kikiís studio assistants, Zack Wollard and John Coletti
  Sherry Wong opens her second solo exhibition at the new I-20 Gallery on West 23rd Street in Chelsea, May 12, 2006
Wong subjects Amanda Zug-Moore with her son, Caleb Soria
Sherry Wong
Artist and Wong sitter Amber Siegel
Jon Cooper with his portrait
TINA B. director Monika Burian with TINA B. artist Adam Vakcar
I-20 director Paul Judelson