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  Out with Mary
Photos by Mary Barone

Zingmagazine celebrates the special limited-edition Matt Murphy satchel produced exclusively for Zingmagazine #18 at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, Apr. 26, 2003
Dia Foundation director Michael Govan and Prada PR Katherine
Matt Murphy
Zac Posen with his Matt Murphy satchel
Designer Zac Posen and actress Paz de la Huerta
Zingmagazine art director O'Neil Edwards
New Museum bookstore chief Jennifer Heslin
Zingmagazine managing editor Melanie Flood
Zing publisher Devon Dikeou
Curator Madeleine Hoffman
Julie Finch (center) with Judd Foundation's Peter Ballantine and Yuji Agematsu
DJ Max Pask
Artist Momiyo Torimitsu
Artist Kelly Lamb
Curator James Fuentes
Curator Erica Belle
Impressionist-modern auction expert Mary Lapides
Artist James Andrews
Documentary filmmaker Beth Landeau
MaxMara's Yvonne Fleming
Artist Patricia Cronin
Rainer Judd (center) with her mother, Julie Finch, and Chelsea dealer Andrew Kreps
Zing's George Philip and Vast Magazine publisher Wallace Spain
Norman Dubrow opens the "Dubrow International" contemporary art exhibition at the Roger Smith Hotel in New York, Mar. 21, 2003
Designer Shani Bayne (right) and musician Germaldo Hernandez
Critic Hunter Drohojowska-Philp
Norman Dubrow
Roger Smith Gallery director Jill Brienza
Artist Ian Scott
Artist Nicky Nodjoumi
Simon Watson
Chelsea dealer Suzie Kravitz
Lisa Rosen and Mark Kostabi
Artist Laleh Khorramian