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  London Calling
Photos by Mary Barone.

"Out There," a show of works by gallery artists, inaugurates White Cube 2, London dealer Jay Jopling's new space on Hoxton Square, Apr. 14, 2000.
Dinos & Jake Chapman
Gavin Turk
White Cube exterior
Gilbert & George
Damien Hirst, Rehab is for Quitters, 1998-99
Jake & Dinos Chapman, Rhizome, 2000
Gavin Turk, Death of Che, 2000
  "Ant Noises,"
a group show including works by Damien Hirst, Sarah Lucas, Rachel Whiteread, Jenny Saville, Chris Ofili, Ron Mueck and other "Sensation" artists ("Ant Noises" is an anagram for "Sensation")
opens at the Saatchi Gallery
Apr. 18, 2000

Sarah Lucas, Dreams Go Up in Smoke, 2000
Tracey Emin
The crowd, with Damien Hirst's Hymn (1999)
Painter Rachel Howard
Artist Dexter Dalwood
Fiona Banner
Ron Mueck, Pinocchio, 1996
Modern Art's Detmar Blow
Artist Peter Newman
Outside the Saatchi
Damien Hirst, Hymn, 1999
Designer Rod Arad
Sarah Lucas and her mum, Irene
Sherman Sam, left, and L.A. artist Chris Hanley
Designer Jonathan Barnbrook and his wife, photographer Tomoko Yoneda
  Sadie Coles opens Hoxton HQ,
a satellite space on Hoxton Street,
with a group show including Don Brown, Angus Fairhurst, Jim Lambie, Sarah Lucas, Simon Periton and Nicola Tyson.
April. 19, 2000
Gary Hume and son Joe
Sarah Lucas, Baby, 2000
Yoko Brown with Yoko II (2000) by Don Brown
Sadie Coles tending bar
Glasgow artist Lucy McKenzie
Curator Josephine Pryde
Artist Angus Fairhurst
Simon Periton, Hermaphrodite, 2000
  The Carnegie Art Awards
honoring Nordic artists
presented at the Barbican on Apr. 19, 2000
Jurors included Lars Nittve, director of the Tate Modern
Carnegie CEO
Lars Bertmar
From left, artists Kjell Anderson, Anne-Karin Furunes and Lena Cronqvist
Lars Nittve
Honorary exhibition chair Vigdis Finnbogadottir, former president of Iceland
Arist Arvid Pettersen and exhibition curator Ulrika Leven
Artist Claus Carstensen and Morwenna Blewett