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Photos by Mary Barone
  Looking good at the opening of "Day for Night: The Whitney Biennial 2006"
at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Feb. 28, 2006
Painter Cecily Brown
Curator Blaire Dessent and Friedrich Petzel Gallery director Maureen Sarro
Dash Snow with Whitney Museum curator
Shamim Momin
Adi from the Design collective ThreeAsFour
Biennial artists Gedi Sibony and Nari Ward
Texas musician and artist
Daniel Johnston
The crowd at the opening
Artist Dawolu Jabari Anderson with his work
Tan Trinidadian Peter Doig
Biennial artist
Emily Sunblad
Biennial artist Spencer Sweeney with work by Adam McEwan
Artist Robert Pruitt
with his work
Taylor Mead
and Ultra Violet
Artists Raina Hamner
and Daniel Colen
Art critics Jerry Saltz (left) and Ken Johnson
Art Production Fund head Doreen Remen and husband Steven Remen
Artist and designer
Mary Joe Diehl
L.A. artist Liz Larner
with her sculpture
New Museum curator Laura Hoptman and a work by
Steven Parrino
New Yale art school dean
Rob Storr
Dealers Carol Greene and Jeanne Greenberg-Rohatyn
The Judd Foundation’s Madeleine Hoffmann with collector Al Gileo
Art dealers Jose Freire
and Mary Boone
Artist Mary Jones and screenwriter Ross Klavan
Marina Abramovic with Museum of Modern Art curator Klaus Biesenbach
2004 Biennal artist Terence Ko
Art & Auction editor Barbara MacAdam and her husband, Columbia University literature professor Alfred MacAdam
Critic and writer Linda Yablonsky