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Photos by Mary Barone
People, Places and things at the opening of the 2004 Armory Show in New York, Mar. 11, 2004
Brit artist Philippe Bradshaw with Louise de la Tour D'Auvergne
Alex and Ada Katz
Work by Japanese artist collaborative KATHY, at Gallery Side 2, Tokyo
Jerry Saltz
Artists Zak Smith (right) and Varrick Robinson
Kenny Schachter and Vito Acconci
Mexico City art dealer Nina Menocal
Artists Sylvie Fleury and John Armleder
Artist Carlo Ferraris
Ugo Rondinone's Bunny at Sadie Coles HQ
New York art dealer Florence Lynch
White Columns' Rebecca Gee
Collectors Olivia de Graye (left) and Marcia May
Team Gallery's Brendan Majewski
Christie's Contemporary specialist Andy Massad and Ali Card of Metro Pictures
New York collectors Susan and Michael Hort
New York gallerist Spencer Brownstone
Michelangelo Pistoletto
Work by Tatjana Doll of Galerie Lehmann
Takezaki Kazuyuki of OTA Fine Arts, Tokyo
Artist Sissel Kardell
Dresden dealers Frank Lehmann and Dara von Zesdou of Galerie Lehmann
Mary Boone's Tom Arnold and artist Karin Davie
Artist Carol Bove (right) and Artnet's Ana Finel Honigman
Chicago MCA director Robert Fitzpatrick (right) and his wife Sylvie, with Chicago dealer Donald Young
Brit artist Edward Fornieles
New York dealer Tanya Grunert
Artist Juan Luis Morales
Artist Anne Collier and her husband, curator Matthew Higgs
Tomio Koyama (left) and collector Mark Richards
Art dealer Andrew Fabricant and Christie's specialist Laura Paulson
Artist Dave Mueller
Bear Stearns' John Howard with his daughter Eliza (left) and Judd Foundation's Madeleine Hoffmann
Artist Christian Jankowski
Tema Celeste's James Trainer
Artist Sari Carel and Atelier 4 Prez Jonathan Schwartz
Collectors Sarah and Gary Walkowitz
Modern Art Inc's Detmar Blow
Mary Boone Gallery's Ron Warren
Exit Art's Jeanette Ingberman (left) and Lombard Fried's Lea Fried
Studio Museum in Harlem curator Thelma Golden
Cuban artists Carlos Garaicoa and Carmen Alvarado
PS1 director Alanna Heiss and curator Klaus Biesenbach
London gallerist Sadie Coles
Gallery Side 2's Junko Shimada
Artist Eve Sussman
Faye Fleming and Joanna Thornberry of Tim Taylor Gallery, London
Entwhistle Gallery's Darren Flook
The Cologne Art Fair's Carolina Nathusius
Artist Xenobia Bailey
The Approach's Jake Miller (left) and Knight Landesman
Ciléne Andrehn, artist Marilyn Minter and Marina Schiptjenko
Bonnie Clearwater and Daniel Reich
Artist Spencer Tunick
Doreen Remen, co-founder of Art Production Fund
Jack Bankowsky and Julie Saul