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Photos by Mary Barone
  The Armory Show 2006 opens at Piers 90 and 92 in Manhattan
with a gala benefit for the Museum of Modern Art, Mar. 9, 2006
Art enthusiast Dustin Hoffman
Marianne Boesky flanked by Liz Ivers (right)
and Amy Greenspon
Whitney Museum director Adam Weinberg (right) and artist Cameron Martin
Artist Justin Lieberman
Vogue magazine’s
Eve MacSweeney
Aspen Art Museum director Heidi Zuckerman-Jacobson
Artist Collier Schorr
Artist Robert Melee in his installation at the Andrew Kreps Gallery booth

George Vamvakidis and Stathis Panagoulis of the Breeder, Athens
Laurie Zippay in the Electronic Arts Intermix booth
designed by PaperRad
Portrait sculpture of Lucien Freud by Steve Gibson
Parkett editors Cay-Sophie Rabinowitz (left)
and Bice Curiger
Chicago dealer Kavi Gupta (left) with artist Frank Thiel
L.A. dealer
Patrick Painter
Bureau of Anchovies and Waste Investigators Katia Bassanini and Claudia Pena at the Swiss Institute booth
Cereal Art founder Larry Mangel
with his daughter, Shiya
Artist Janet Cardiff
at her book signing
Artist Albert Crudo with his muse, Sonja Francis
Lisa Anastos with artist
Jason Rhoades
Amsterdam dealer Diana Stigter
David Tieger
Athenian collector Nicolas Vernicos with his daughter, Amalia
Jerry Saltz immersed in a Jim Lambie installation at the New Museum booth
New Museum curator Richard Flood (left) and Carnegie International curator
Douglas Fogle