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New York "bad girl" painter Inka Essenhigh opens
at Victoria Miro in London, March 14, 2000.
Photos by Mary Barone.
Inka Essenhigh
Victoria Miro director Glenn Scott Wright
Artist Neal Tait
Painter Peter Doig
Victoria Miro
Natasha Hill of Immaculate House
From left, artist Rachel Howard and dealer Stephanie Theodore
From left, Contemporary Art Society's Cat Newton-Groves and Kim Steele
  The London Institute of Contemporary Arts presents "Beck's Futures," March 17-May 17, 2000, featuring finalists for the new Beck's art prize -- works by Liz Arnold, Martin Boyce, Roderick buchanan, Chad McCail, Lucy McKenzie, Stephen Murphy, Hayley Newman, David Shrigley, Cathy Wilkes and Elizabeth Wright.  
Artist Simon Periton
From left, artist Martin Boyce, ICA Gallery manager David Wilkinson and ICA director Phillip Dodd
Dealer Emily Tsingou and artist Henry Bond
Rodney Buchanan's, Gobstopper, 1999
David Shrigley, Untitled (Summary of Stains on a Scientist's Coat), 2000
Chad McCall, Genesis Chapter 2 and 3
Liz Arnold, Field Trip, 1999

Dealer Lance Entwistle
Artist Hayley Newman
Beck's barman Stewart Campbell
Dealer Andrew Mummery
Lucy McKenzie's painting installation
Stephen Murphy, Snowfall, 1999
David Shrigley's wall of drawings