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Out at the 12th annual London Contemporary Art Fair [], opening Jan. 18, 2000.
Photos by Mary Barone.
Angela Flowers of Flowers East
Artist Cathy de Monchaux
The entrance
Phil Gidsal, Blue Gallery
Dealer James Hyman
Maurizio Cattelan drawings at Hyman Fine Art
Critic Roger Bevan
David Harris of Houldsworth Fine Art
Artist Liz Arnold
Dealer Laurent DeLaye
Johanne Mullan of Green on Red Gallery, Dublin
Dealer Paul Stolper
Paul Hedge of Hales Gallery, with the latest Jonathan Callan
Cat Newton-Groves project director, Contemporary Art Society

  Original artworks from Colour for Kosovo, an auction to benefit UNICEF.
The works were reproduced in a coloring book that was on sale for £15.
Gilbert & George's page
Paula Rego's page
Damien Hirst's page
Chris Ofili's page
Paul McCartney's page

  "Abstract Art,", a group show, opens at the Delfina, Bermondsey, Jan. 20, 2000.  
Gilda Williams of Phaidon Press
Artist Christina Mackie with art lover Jere Couture
Artist Ian Dawson
Artist Zoe Griffiths
Gary Webb's Hot Pink sculpture
Paintings by Simon Bill
Ian Dawson's Blue 196
Historian Richard Bourke
Artist Liam Gillick (left) and Butterfly Magazine publisher Dan Crowe
Beatrice Collier of Asprey Jacques Gallery
Entwistle Gallery's Darren Flook
Delfina director David Gilmore
Tristam Pye of Anthony Reynolds Gallery