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  London Calling
Out at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, and d'Offay in London.
Photos by Mary Barone.
The exhibition "Lost," curated by Tania Kovats, opens
at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham, Feb. 15, 2000.
Roni Horn's Gold Field, 1982-94
Tania Kovats
Thierry de Cordier's Trou-Madame, 1994
Tania Kovats' son Frank taking a break with his Granny
Tania Kovats' Rocky Road, 1999
Curator Alessandro Vicentelli
Ikon Gallery director
Jonathan Watkins
From left: Wolfgang Tillmans,
Alison Jacques, Cerith Wyn Evans
and Charles Asprey.
Birmingham artist
Ranjit Singh
Paul McCarthy's Apple Head on Swiss Cheese, 1997-99

Birmingham art students James Lambert and Jennifer Raven
The catalogue
Ikon exhibition coordinator
Natasha Howes
Richard Long opens at Anthony d'Offay, London, Feb. 17, 2000.
Freelance curator
Daniel McLean
Richard Long wall painting
Richard Long
Frank Perry, Arts Europe
Matt Carey-Williams, Sotheby's Contemporary