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Photos by Mary Barone
  "Passing Through," an art installation at the new Bloomberg Building
at 59th Street and Lexington Avenue, organized by
Art in General, Dec. 7, 2005
Artist Oona Stern
Artist Douglas Henderson
Artist Cory Arcangel
Artist Anna Craycroft
Oona Stern’s rug in the Bloomberg Building
Bloomberg’s New York conference room
Bloomberg’s London conference room
Art in General curator Sophia Hernandez
Art in General director Holly Block (left) and Kitchen director Debra Singer
Art in General supporter Jeffrey Larsen
Art in General supporter Tom Morris
Comcast ad exec Deb Maiocco
Art collector Diane Ackerman
Art in General patron Joyce Siegel
  "Fashion in Colors" opens at the
Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Dec. 8, 2005
Designer Yeohlee Tang
Curators Barbara Bloemink and Akiko Fukai
"Fashion in Colors" (red), installation view
Philadelphia Museum of Art costume curator Dylis Blum
Fashion Futures’ Bradley Quinn
Issey Miyake’s Jun Kanai
"Fashion in Colors" (yellow), installation view
FIT textile curator Lynn Felsher
  The Sculpture Center holds its Winter Gala,
honoring artist Jeff Koons, Dec. 8, 200
Artist and gala chair Fred Wilson
Gala host Beth Rudin de Woody
The gala’s balloon chandelier
Sculpture Center honoree Jeff Koons
Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant
Director and Writer Angela Ismailos
Art patron Lisa Perry
Eli and Edythe Broad
Art lawyer John Silberman
Gala sponsor James Bodner
Art dealer Larry Gagosian
Critic Charlie Scheips
From left, Citicorp art advisor Louise Eliasof, Suzanne Geiss of Deitch Projects and dealer Jeffrey Deitch
Artist Tom Otterness and his wife, Colen Fitzgibbon
Designer Matt Murphy and Madeleine Hoffman of the Judd Foundation
Art dealer Andrew Kreps and collector Jane Holzer
Hammer Museum director Ann Philbin (left) and Heart of Brooklyn director Ellen Salpeter
Artist Petah Coyne (left) and curator Eugenie Tsai
Artist Gedi Siboney and his wife, artist Jenny Monick
Sculpture Center director Mary Ceruti
Rachel and Jean-Pierre Lehmann
Rod and Lisa Dennison
Art dealer Christian Haye
Guggenheim Museum curator Robert Rosenblum
Trans Gallery director Sandra Antello
Art dealer Carol Greene
Gala sponsor John Wotowicz