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Photos by Mary Barone
  Mike Kelley’s "Day Is Done" opens at Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea, Nov. 10, 2005
Artist Mike Kelley
Punk impressario Colonel Galaxy, with Punk magazine editor John Holmstrom
Punk performance
legend Niagra
Gagosian director Elan Wingate
Artist Dan Graham
  Angelbert Metoyer opens at Paul Rodgers Gallery in Chelsea, Nov. 10, 2005
Artist Angelbert Metoyer
Artist Mascha Oehlmann and musician Keziah Jones
Gallerist Paul Rodgers
Paul Rodgers gallery director Nadja Michel-Herf, with AIDS activist Colin Weil
  Gerhard Richter’s "New Paintings" opens at Marian Goodman Gallery on 57th St., Nov. 17, 2005
Artist Gerhard Richter
Gallerist Marian Goodman
Gerhard Richter’s wife Sabina
Art historian Michael Brenson
MoMA curator Rob Storr
Art historian Benjamin Buchloh