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Photos by Paul Laster
  Terence Koh’s opens his new installation at the Whitney Museum of American Art and presents a fog-filled performance,
"The End of My Life as a Rabbit in Love" at Deitch Projects, where the crowd dressed in white, on Jan. 18, 2007
Art dealers Mary Boone and Jeffrey Deitch at the Whitney Museum
Terence Koh performing as Kohbunny at Deitch Projects
Deitch Projects director Kathy Grayson at Deitch Projects
Artists Betty Nyugen and Bruce LaBruce at the Whitney
MoMA trustee Harvey Shipley Miller and Whitney communication director Jan Rothschild at Deitch Projects
Alice Cohen playing the grand piano at Deitch Projects
Artist Leo Villareal and his wife Yvonne Force Villareal, cofounder of the Art
Production Fund
Whitney Museum director Adam Weinberg with Koh’s white light installation
at the museum
Artists Malcolm Stewart and Bec Stupak at the
Whitney Museum
Chanel event planner Angie Kim and Studio Museum curator Christine Kim
Javier Peres of Peres Projects at the Whitney
  Paul Laster is the editor of Artkrush
Photos by Mary Barone
Performance artists Tine and Carlo Machado
Terence Koh’s opening at the Whitney Museum
Diva Sophia Lamar with Terence Koh
Art Production Fund cofounder Dorren Remen
One of Terence Koh’s sculptures at Deitch Projects
Terence Koh’s "Three Muses" at Deitch Projects
Yoon Lee, Terence Koh’s Korean wife
Art writer and curator Carlo McCormick
Albert Koh,
Terence Koh’s father
Karina Koh,
Terence Koh’s sister
Art critic Ana Finel Honigman