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Photos by Mary Barone
The "Editions/Artists' Book Fair 2004" opens at the Starrett Lehigh Building in New York's Chelsea art district, Nov. 4, 2004
Water Mill Foundation's Elizabeth Lind
Dealer Brooke Alexander and Jane Kayantas
Printed Matter's AA Bronson
Art dealers Peter Plum and Diana Erdos
Dealers Sabrina and John Szoke
Volume Gallery's Sara Kay and Nick Lawrence
Two Palms Press' Evelyn Lasry
Artist Robert Goldman
Print collector Jessica Wiederhorn
Lower East Side Print Shop's Annie Goodsill
Printed Matter's Max Schumann
Thurston Moore, Joan Jonas and DJ Spooky
Wildwood Press'
Maryanne Simmons
Marc Baron and Elise Boisante of Baronboisante
Dealer Michael Steinberg wearing Oswald Boetang
The Renaissance Society's
Lori Bartman
Print Dealer Judith Solodkin
  Art in General holds its annual benefit tour of artist’s studios and silent art auction, Oct. 2, 2004
Anna Gaskell and visitors in her studio
New York dealer Loretta Howard and Art in America sales chief Deborah Harris
Actress and AIG supporter Diane Hunter
Gagosian Gallery's
Anna Eriksson
AIG supporter Anthony Myers
A detail of Dana Schutz's studio
AIG's Yvonne Garcia
Susan Madden of the New York Restoration Project