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Out at "Making Space: Drawings by Ron Shuebrook, Sculpture by Charles Hewlings"
at the New York Studio School, Apr. 11, 2002.
Organized by gallery director David Cohen.
Photos by Marianne Barcellona
Architect Donald Clinton (left) and Charles Hewlings
Installation view
Sculptor Willard Boepple (left) and Ron Shuebrook.
Writer Jonathan Goodman (left), a gallery visitor and painter Graham Nickson, dean of the New York Studio School
Painters Laura Harrison (left) and Kamilla Talbot
From left, art critic Piri Halasz, painter Gina Metcalf (wife of Charles Hewlings) and gallery director David Cohen
Studio School students Rod Hill, Ben Eckman and Ellen Kruschwitz
Installation view
Sculptors Garth Evans and Sally Tittmann
Painter David Brody
Painter George Hoffman (left) and sculptor Willard Boepple
From left, artists Merlin James, Ruth Ann Fredenthal and James Hyde
London dealer Andrew Mummery (left) and Charles Hewlings
Curator and critic Karen Wilkin and painter Caio Fonseca
Artists Jillaine Jones and Gina Metcalf
Sculptor Lee Tribe and daughter
Painter Susan Shatter with Cohen