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Photos courtesy Irene Nikolai
An erotic party sponsored by Nikolai Fine Art on West 22nd Street on Dec. 13, 2000.
(Look Out! Part II opens on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2001)
Not what you think!
Detail of installation by Federico D'Oratzio
We know their work!
Ron Jeremy, Irene Nikolai and Candida Royale
Vamp! Fashions by Kitty Boots, modeled by Heidi Sjursen and Connie Flemming
More Kitty Boots stylings, with Amanda Lepore and Sophia Lamor
The press is on the case!
From left, Frieze writer Jenny Sorkin and Cay Sophie Rabinowitz of Parkett
Nurse Jill Matura ministers to artist Allan Hasty
Irene Nikolai, not looking at the go-go show
Hello? Hello?
Andres Serrano
Allan Hasty