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Photos by Mary Barone
  The Turner Prize Party at Shoreditch Town Hall
Nov. 28, 2000
Sponsored by London's Channel 4
Turner Prize nominee Michael Raedecker
Dealer Maureen Paley
Turner Prize winner Wolfgang Tillmans
Artist Gavin Turk
Artist Jake Chapman
Andrea Rosen (left) and artist Louise Wilson
Tate Modern curator Iwona Blazwick
Artist Gillian Wearing
Artist Tracey Emin
Isabella Blow
Whitechapel Art Gallery's
Catherine Lampert
From left, artist Tessa Robbins and art consultant Julia Royse
Artist John Chilver
London's premiere mixologist,
Marlon Li-A-Young
Critic Matthew Collings
Artist Sarah Staton
Serpentine Gallery's
Lisa Corrin
Artist Abigail Lane
Beck's commissar Anthony Fawcett
The Tate Gallery's Johnny Walker
Artists Henrik Plenge Jakobson and Jane Simpson
Tate Modern's
Donna De Salvo
Artist Cerwith Wyn Evans
Terry Richardson
"Feared by Men, Desired by Women"
An exhibition of photographs at Shine Gallery in London's Chelsea
Nov. 29, 2000

Terry Richardson
Photos by Terry Richardson
Terry Richardson
More Terry Richardson photos
Model Kelly Sawyer
Eamonn McLaughlin
Still more photos by
Terry Richardson
Mathias Kammer
Fashion designer
Stella McCartney
Artist Jemima Stehli
Jibby Beane
GQ magazine art drector
Tony Chambers
Rocket Gallery's
David Stephenson
Rocket Gallery's
Jonathan Stephenson
Rock 'n' roller Bryan Adams
Inigo Bujedo Aguirre
The ICA's Sarah Duke (left) and Shine Gallery director Noel Daniel
Shine Gallery owner Michael Hoppen
Dazed & Confused magazine editor and publisher Rankin
Martin Paar
Gallery Swap
Sadie Coles HQ opens with work
by L.A. artists David Korty and John Polypchuk
from China Art Objects, L.A.
Nov. 14, 2000

Work by David Korty
China Art Objects'
Steve Hanson
Work by John Polypchuk
Modern Art Inc's Stuart Shave and Sadie Coles
Sadie Coles HQ's Aphrodite and artist
Steve Gontarski
L.A. artist Frances Stark
Work by John Polypchuk
Artist Stefano Ariente
Work by David Korty
Lisa Yuskavage
opens at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia
Dec. 1, 2000

Lisa Yuskavage and artist's model Cathy Herman
Lisa Yuskavage, The Bad Laura, 1997
New York dealer
Maryanne Boesky
Greengrassi Gallery's Elinor Jancz (left) and artist Julia Kirkpatrick
Artist Rachel Feinstein
Yvonne Force and
Leo Villareal
ICA director
Claudia Gould
Lisa Yuskavage, Honeymoon, 1998
Philadelphia artist James Mills
Philadelphia artists Barbara Woodall (left) and Tina DeCicco
Lisa Yuskavage, True Blonde Draped, 1999