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      New This Month in U.S. Museums
Ernest Hemingway, Sherman Billingsley and John O'Hara at the Stork Club.
  Stork Club
New-York Historical Society
May 2-Oct. 1, 2000
Photos, film footage, memorabilia and more from Sherman Billingsley's Stork Club, New York City's swankiest place to see and be seen from the Prohibition era to the 1950s. The exhibition is timed to coincide with the release of New York Times culture critic Ralph Blumenthal's Stork Club: America's Most Famous Nightspot and the Lost World of Café Society (Little Brown & Company, May 2000).
    Stuart Davis in Gloucester
National Academy of Design, New York
May 3-July 30, 2000
The American modernist's take on the seaside landscape of Cape Ann, Mass., via 45 paintings and watercolors made 1915-34.
Catalogue: Edited by Judith McCullugh, Cape Ann Historical Association.
Tony Oursler
  Tony Oursler Future Forward: Projects in New Media
Henry Art Gallery, Seattle
May 5-July 30, 2000
The video meister works with local Seattle artists, technicians at the University of Washington, and students to create site-specific works that address the uncanny, psychotic and neurotic aspects of the media image.
Curator: Robin Held, Henry Art Gallery.
René Magritte
The Son of Man
  René Magritte
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
May 5-Sept. 12, 2000
65 by the ironic unnerving Surrealist.
Curator: Steingrim Laursen, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art; Janet Bishop, SFMoMA.
Jasper Johns
  Jasper Johns: New Paintings and Works on Paper
Dallas Museum of Art
May 5-Aug. 13, 2000
A dozen new works.
Curator: Gary Garrels, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
Tour: The exhibition originated at SFMoMA.
James Welling
Stoughten House, Cambridge, MA, 1882-83
  James Welling: Photographs 1974-1999
Wexner Center, Columbus, Oh.
May 6-Aug.13, 2000
A broad survey of 129 works, featuring everything from images of 19th-century architecture and Connecticut landscapes to abstractions using drapery and foil sheets.
Curator: Sarah J. Rogers, Wexner Center.
Tour: The exhibition travels to the Baltimore Museum of Art (Sept. 10-Dec. 12, 2000) and Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (Apr. 6-Aug. 26, 2001).
Catalogue: Essays by Rogers and Michael Fried.
Tibor Kalman
magazine spread from Colors 13 (no words)
Dec. 1995
  Tiborocity: Design and Undesign by Tibor Kalman, 1979-1999
New Museum
May 6-Aug. 27, 2000
Over 200 works by the late graphic designer Tibor Kalman, set in galleries redesigned as a "mythical village."
Curator: Aaron Betsky, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
Catalogue: 420 pages, published by Princeton Architectural Press.
Funding: Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Riggio, Jay Chiat and the Producers Council of the New Museum.
    Glass Works: Emerging Artists
Brooklyn Museum
May 6-Sept. 3, 2000
Original objects by 13 artists directly influenced by works in the Brooklyn Museum's collection.
Curator: Melissa M.W. Seiler and Kevin Stayton, both of the Brooklyn Museum; John Perrault, UrbanGlass.
Funding: AT&T.
Donald Sultan
Four Lemons, February 1, 1985
  Donald Sultan: In the Still-Life Tradition
Corcoran Gallery, Washington, D.C.
May 6-July 7, 2000
Lemons, flowers, dominos and more in 20 large-scale mixed-media paintings made since 1985.
Curator: Dana Holland-Beickert, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art.
Funding: FedEx.
Whitfield Lovell
  Whitfield Lovell: Portrayals
Neuberger Museum
May 7-Aug. 20, 2000
Installations combining portrait drawing and found objects by the African-American contemporary artist.
Curator: Judy Collischan.
Edward Hald
"Girl Playing Ball" vase with tray
  A Century of Design, Part II: 1925-1950
Metropolitan Museum of Art
May 9-Oct. 29, 2000
Modern European design highlights from the Met's collection, from Art Deco to De Stijl.
    The Gualenghi-d'Este Hours: Art and Devotion in Renaissance Ferrara
J. Paul Getty Museum
May 9-July 30, 2000
Created by Italian master Taddeo Crivelli around 1469, the Gualenghi d'Este manuscript is one of the most important in the museum's collection, and is featured with paintings, medals, sculptures, books and 22 other Italian Renaissance manuscripts.
Rudy Burckhardt
Astor Place
  Rudy Burckhardt and Friends: New York Artists of the 1950s-60s
Grey Art Gallery, New York University
May 9-July 15, 2000
The New York art world in the heyday of modernism, through the one-time Art News photographer's cityscapes and photographic portraits of artists, including Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Anni Albers, along with examples of those artists' work and Burckhardt's paintings, films and collages.
Curators: Vincent Katz and Lynne Gumpert, Grey Art Gallery.
Catalogue essays: Katz and Robert Storr.
    Olafur Eliasson
Art Institute of Chicago
May 10-Aug. 13, 2000
Photographs and installations by the nature-obsessed Berlin-based Icelandic artist, known for his studies of icebergs, water, wind and caves.
Curator: James Rondeau, Art Institute.
Bruce Nauman
Hanging Carousel
(George Skins a Fox)

  Rodney Graham and Bruce Nauman
Dia Center for the Arts, New York
May 11-June 18, 2000
Multimedia artists Graham and Nauman irreverently address the myth of the West as open frontier in a series of installations called "...the nearest faraway place..."
    The Forgotten Friezes of the Castle of Velez Blanco
Metropolitan Museum of Art
May 12, 2000-Jan. 9, 2001
Six 16th-century carved pine freezes from the Fajardo castle at Vélez Blanco in southern Spain, on loan from the Musée des arts Decoratifs, Paris, inaugurate the Met's newly renovated Renaissance patio. "Sculpture and Decorative Arts of the Spanish Renaissance" is on view in the gallery adjacent to the patio, May 12, 2000-Jan. 7, 2001.
Mary Ellen Mark
Central Park, New York City
  Mary Ellen Mark: American Odyssey
Philadelphia Museum of Art
May 13-Aug. 6, 2000
Around 140 black-and-white photographs taken from the 1960s to the present, including works from the highly acclaimed American artist's "Beauty Pageants," "Texas Rodeos," "Christian Bikers" and "Rural Poverty" series.
Curators: Michael L. Hoffman and Melissa Harris, Aperture Foundation.
Frida Kahlo
Diego on my Mind
  Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and 20th Century Mexican Art: The Jaques and Natasha Gelman Collection
Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
May 14-Sept. 3, 2000
Over 80 works from the vast collection of film distribution moguls Jacques and Natasha Gelman, including works by Jose Clement Orozco, David Alfaro Siquerios and Rufino Tamayo, Kahlo & Rivera.
Curator: Robert Littman, Gelman Collection Art.
Funding: Aetna.
Richard Stankiewicz
Beach Sitter
  Welded! Sculpture of the 20th Century
Neuberger Museum
May 14-Aug. 27, 2000
Figurative and abstract metal sculpture by artists ranging from Anthony Caro and David Smith to George Rickey and Mark di Suvero.
Curator: Judy Collischan, Neuberger Museum.
Catalogue: Published by the Neuberger Museum and Hudson Hills Press; essays by Collishcan; $50.
Funding: New York State Council on the Arts, et al.
Walter Dorwin Teague
"Bluebird" Radio
  American Modern 1925-1940: Design for a New Age
Metropolitan Museum of Art
May 16, 2000-January 7, 2001
Around 150 examples of the clean, geometric esthetic idealized by American industrial designers, from Norman Bel Geddes and Eliel Saarinen to Dorwin Teague and Russel Wright. The exhibition is on view in conjunction with "A Century of Design, Part II: 1925-1950."
Curator: J. Stewart.
Will Barnet
Old Man's Afternoon
  Will Barnet: A Timeless World
Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, New Jersey
May 16-Aug. 20, 2000
A retrospective of the American artist's prints and paintings, from the 1920s to the 1990s. On view in conjunction with "Will Barnet in Context: Amerian Art from the Montclair Art Museum's Permanent Collection," May 14-Aug. 20, 2000.
Curator: Gail Stavitsky, Montclair Museum.
Tour: Following the Montclair Art Museum, the exhibition travels to the Portland Museum of Art, the Boca Raton Museum and the Arkansas Arts Center.
David Smith
  David Smith on the Roof
Metropolitan Museum of Art
May 16-Oct. 31, 2000
The 10,000-square-foot Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden opens for the summer with burnished stainless steel works by the American sculptor.
Funding: Lita Annenberg Hazen Charitable Trust.
    Vivian Cherry: A Working Street Photographer 1940s-1990s
Brooklyn Museum of Art
May 19-Aug. 6, 2000
A trip through New York City history via 77 photographs, including the famous series documenting the demolition of the Third Avenue elevated train.
Curator: Barbara Head Millstein.
Edvard Munch
  1900: Art at the Crossroads
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
May 19-Sept. 10, 2000
An ambitious reassessment of art at the turn of the century, featuring 250 works by 180 artists, from Bouguereau and Burne-Jones to Degas and Kandinsky. Co-organized with the Royal Academy.
Curator: Robert Rosenblum, MaryAnne Stevens and Vivien Greene, all of the Guggenheim Museum; Norman Rosenthal, Royal Academy.
Catalogue: Published by Harry N. Abrams, with essays by Rosenblum and Stevens.
Tour: The exhibition originated at the Royal Academy.
Funding: Delta Air Lines.
Brice Marden
Caines Dancer
  Brice Marden, Work of the 1990s: Paintings, Drawings, and Prints
Carnegie Museum
May 20-Aug.13, 2000
Around 35 works, from the artist's calligraphy-based paintings of the early 1990s to his current colorful linear abstractions.
Curator: Dallas Museum of Art curator Charles Wylie.
Tour: The exhibition originated at the Dallas Museum of Art, and has appeared at the Hirshhorn Museum and Miami Art Museum.
Roger Fry
Edith Sitwell
  The Art of Bloomsbury
Yale Center for British Art
May 20-Sept. 3, 2000
Over 120 paintings of the celebrated circle of artists, writers and intellectuals living in the Bloomsbury section of London from 1910 to 1925, by such artists as Vanessa Bell, Roger Fry and Duncan Grant, along with documentary photographs and manuscripts.
Curator: Richard Shone, associate editor of The Burlington Magazine.
Tour: The exhibition opened at the Tate Gallery, London, and has appeared at the Huntington Art Gallery, San Marino, Ca.
Funding: BP Amoco.
Louise Dahl-Wolfe
William Edmondson
ca. 1936
  The Art of William Edmondson
Museum of American Folk Art, New York
May 20-Aug. 27, 2000
A full-scale retrospective of the first African-American to have a solo show at MoMA (1937), featuring 40 of the self-taught artist's major limestone sculptures, as well as photos of the artist and his work by Louise Dahl-Wolfe and Edward Weston.
Curator: Rusty Freeman, Cheekwood Museum of Art, Nashville, Tenn.
Tour: The exhibition is scheduled to travel to the University of Rochester Memorial Art Gallery, High Museum of Art and Mennello Museum of American Folk Art.
Funding: Time Warner, Inc.
James Gibbs
Model for St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London
  The Triumph of the Baroque: Architecture in Europe 1600-1750
National Gallery of Art
May 21-Oct. 9, 2000
Highlights of the dynamism, theatricality and passion of the Baroque period -- a time of unprecedented unification among the arts, architecture and urban planning -- via 25 architectural models and 50 related paintings, drawings, prints, and medals.
Curator: Henry A. Millon, National Gallery of Art; with M. Guy Cogeval, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts; Paolo Viti, Palazzo Grassi.
Tour: The exhibition originated at the Palazzina di Caccia, Stupinigi, Turin, traveled to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and following its bow at the National Gallery goes on to the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Marseille (Nov. 17, 2000 - Mar. 4, 2001).
Funding: EduCap, Inc.
Gold vessel in the form of an ostrich egg
ca. 2650-2550 B.C.
  Treasures from the Royal Tombs of Ur
Morgan Library, New York
May 25-Sept.10, 2000
More than 200 objects from ancient Sumarian Queen Puabi's tomb at Ur on the banks of the Euphrates River, excavated from 1922 to 1934.
Curators: Richard Zettler and Holly Pittman, both of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology; Donald P. Hansen, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.
Tour: The show originated at the Dallas Museum of Art, appeared at the Cleveland Museum of Art and travels to the Oriental Institute Museum, Chicago (Oct. 2000-Jan. 2001), and the Detroit Institute of Art (Feb. 2001-May 2001).
Funding: Pew Charitable Trust.
William Merritt Chase
Afternoon in the Park
ca. 1887
  William Merritt Chase: Modern American Landscapes, 1886-1890
Brooklyn Museum of Art
May 26-Aug. 13, 2000
The great outdoors of 19th-century Manhattan and Brooklyn captured in paint and pastel by the American Impressionist.
Curator: Barbara Dayer Gallati, Brooklyn Museum.
Funding: Henry Luce Foundation, Inc.
Maxfield Parrish
The Idiot
  Maxfield Parrish: 1870-1966
Brooklyn Museum
May 26-Aug. 6, 2000
More than 140 paintings, prints, drawings and photos by the American king of fairy tales and fantasies.
Curator: Sylvia Yount, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.
Catalogue: Published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc., with essays by Mark F. Bockrath and Yount.
Tour: The Brooklyn Museum is the final stop on a national tour.
Martin Johnson Heade
Two Magnolias and a Bud on Teal Velvet
  Martin Johnson Heade
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
May 28-Aug.13, 2000
A complete survey of the work of the American 19th-century romantic painter, featuring 70 of his painstakingly detailed landscapes and still-lifes, celebrated for their attention to light and atmosphere.
Curator: Theodore Stebbins, Jr., Boston MFA.
Tour: The exhibition originated at the Boston MFA and traveled to the National Gallery, Washington, D.C.
Edouard Manet
  The Impressionists at Argenteuil
National Gallery
May 28-Aug. 20, 2000
More than 50 paintings by Boudin, Caillebotte, Manet, Monet, Renoir and Sisley focusing on river views, bridges and factories of Argenteuil, a center of leisure and labor, just 15 minutes outside of Paris.
Curators: Paul Hayes Tucker, Monet scholar; Philip Conisbee, National Gallery.
Catalogue: Essays by Tucker; $24.95 softcover, $50 hardcover.
Funding: United Technologies Corporation.
    Faces of Impressionism: Impressionist Portraits from American Collections
Cleveland Museum of Art
May 28-July 30, 2000
The first Impressionist exhibition to focus on people features 55 works by Bazille, Cassatt, Degas, Monet and more from more than 30 museums and private collections. On view in conjunction with the exhibition is "19th-Century French Portrait Photography from the Collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art," May 27-Aug. 9, 2000.
Curators: Sona Johnston, Baltimore Museum of Art.
Catalogue: Published by Rizzoli, 168 pages, with essays by John House and Johnston.
Tour: The exhibition first traveled to the Baltimore Museum of Art.
Anni Albers
Red Meander
  Anni Albers
Jewish Museum, New York
May 28-Aug. 20, 2000
The Bauhaus textile artist's first comprehensive museum exhibition, features over 200 examples of her weavings, wall coverings, drapery materials, fabric swatches, prints and drawings. The exhibition was organized by the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice.
Julius Rollmann
Houses in Rome
  In the Footsteps of Goethe: Paintings and Drawings from German Collections
Dahesh Museum, New York
May 30-Aug. 19, 2000
Landscape paintings and drawings by artists and teachers at the Düsseldorf Academy during its heyday, 1829-1865, many of whom, following the lead of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, traveled to Italy for inspiration.
Curator: Martina Sitt, former curator of the Kunstmuseum Dusseldorf, and now curator of the Hamburger Kunsthalle.
Tour: The exhibition opened at the Kunstmuseum Dusseldorf and traveled to the Casa di Goethe, Rome. Following the Dahesh, it travels to the Kunstverein Bremerhaven.