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      New This Month in U.S. Museums
Carved rock-crystal
water canteen
  Palace of Gold and Light: Treasures from the Topkapi, Istanbul
Corcoran Gallery of Art
Mar. 1-June 23, 2000
More than 200 objects from the Topkapi Palace -- the residence of the Ottoman dynasty for 400 years -- including imperial jewels, weapons and a mother-of-pearl, ebony and ivory throne. Organized by the Palace Arts Foundation.
Curator: Tulay Artan, Sabanci Univeristy, Istanbul.
Tour: The exhibition travels to the San Diego Museum of Art (July 14-Sept. 24, 2000) and Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale (Oct. 15-Feb. 28, 2000).
Funding: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.
James Castle
Untitled (Interior with bed)
  James Castle: House Drawings
Drawing Center, New York
Mar. 4-May 4, 2000
An insight into domestic life in the American West via 100 drawings and paper constructions by the self-taught Idahoan artist.
Curator: Jay Toiler, author of The American Art Book (Phaidon Press, 1998).
Carrie Mae Weems
The Hamptons Project
  Carrie Mae Weems: The Hampton Project
Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown, Mass.
Mar. 4-Sept. 10, 2000
The African-American contemporary artist's photographs appropriating Fraces B. Johnston's Hampton Album of 1900, a project about the historically black Hampton University.
Amedeo Modigliani
Portrait of Beatrice Hastings
ca. 1916
  Paris in New York: French Jewish Artists in Private Collections
Jewish Museum, New York
Mar. 5-June 25, 2000
Painting and sculpture by Jewish artists working in Paris from 1907 to 1939 -- a group known as the circle of Montparnasse, including Marc Chagall, Sonia Delaunay, Amedeo Modigliani and Chaim Soutine.
Catalogue: 64 pages; published by the Jewish Museum; $19.95; edited by Chevlowe, with essays by Joan Rosenbaum, director of the Jewish Museum, and Romy Golan, professor of art history at the Graduate Center, CUNY.
Funding: New York State special appropriation, Florence Gould Goundation, et al.
Andy Warhol
Campbell's Soup with Can Opener
  20th Century Art: The Ebsworth Collection
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
Mar. 5-June 11, 2000
More than 70 works from one of the premier collections of modernist painting and sculpture in America, with works by Willem de Kooning, Arthur Dove, Marsden Hartley, David Hockney, Edward Hopper, Jasper Johns and others.
Curators: Nicolai Cikovsky Jr. and Franklin Kelly, both of the National Gallery.
Catalogue: With essays by Cikovsky, Kelly, Marla Prather, Jeffrey Weiss, Sarah Greenough and Ruth Fine, all of the National Gallery, and Bruce Robertson, University of California, Santa Barbara.
Greg Lynn
Hydrogen House
  National Design Triennial: Design Culture Now
Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum
Mar. 7-Aug. 6, 2000
The Cooper Hewitt launches its own version of the Academy Awards with a huge show of established and emerging designers. The exhibition features architecture, product design, graphic design and new media by 83 individuals and design firms.
Curators: Donald Albrecht and Ellen Lupton of the Cooper Hewitt; Steven Skov Hold, Design Visionary at frog in San Francisco.
Catalogue: 224 pages; published by Princeton Architectural Press; $50 hardcover, $29.95 softcover; essays by Albrecht, Lupton and Hold.
Funding: BP Amoco; Mead Corporation.
Henri Matisse
The Young Sailor
  Painters in Paris: 1895-1950
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Mar. 7-Aug. 6, 2000
More than 100 works by 36 artists, from Bonnard and Braque to Leger and Matisse, all drawn from the Met's collection.
Curators: William S. Lieberman and Anne L. Strauss, both of the Metropolitan.
Catalogue: Fully illustrated with essays by Lieberman.
Lunar Limb Shuttered by Lunar Orbiter IV
frames 192H1-3
  Lunar Landscapes: Unmanned Space Photography
Menil Collection, Houston
Mar. 10-June 4, 2000
More than 30 vintage photos of the moon taken for scientific research from American and Soviet spacecraft during the late 1950s and '60s, presented in conjunction with the Houston area event "FotoFest 2000: The 8th International Month of Photography."
Curator: Susan Davidson, Menil Collection.
Arthur Wesley Dow
The Derelict (The Lost Boat)
  Arthur Wesley Dow and American Arts and Crafts
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe
Mar. 10-June 18, 2000
More than 100 objects by the artist and those he influenced, including Pedro de Lemos, Bror Nordfeldt, Georgia O'Keeffe, Max Weber, Alvin Langdon Coburn and Edward Steichen, as well as examples of Overbeck Pottery and Byrdcliffe Colony furniture.
Curator: Nancy Green, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University.
Organized by the American Federation of the Arts.
Funding: National Patrons of the AFA.
Yoshihiro Kimura
  Structure and Surface: Contemporary Japanese Textiles
San Francisco Museum of Art
Mar. 10-June 20, 2000
Around 75 examples of the work of Japan's most influential textile artists, designers and manufacturers, all known for combining traditional techniques with modern, industrial processes.
Curator: Matilda McQuaid, Museum of Modern Art, New York; Cara McCarty, Saint Louis Art Museum.
Catalogue: 104 pages, published by MoMA and distributed by Harry N. Abrams, $29.95, with essays by McQuaid and McCarty.
Ring currency
Kru peoples, Liberia
  The Artistry of African Currency
National Museum of African Art, Washington, D.C.
Mar. 12-July 23, 2000
Objects that have served as money, from beads and shells to cloth and coins, with an emphasis on metal objects, like specially hand-crafted copper and iron pieces.
Curator: Lydia Puccinelli, National Museum of African Art.
Vincent van Gogh
The Zouave
  Van Gogh: Face to Face
Detroit Institute of Arts
Mar. 12-June 4, 2000
The first comprehensive survey of the artist's portraiture, featuring around 60 paintings and drawings borrowed from public and private collections worldwide.
Curators: George Keyes, Detroit Institute of Arts; George T. M. Shackelford, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Joseph J. Rishel, Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Catalogue: 272 pages; published by the Detroit Institute of Arts and Thames & Hudson; $50.
Tour: The exhibition travels to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (July 2-Sept. 24, 2000) and Philadelphia Museum of Art (Oct. 22, 2000-Jan. 14, 2001).
Funding: DaimlerChrysler.
Henri Matisse
Lemons on a Pewter Plate
  Monet to Moore: The Millennium Gift of Sara Lee Corporation
Art Institute of Chicago
Mar. 13-Apr. 13, 2000
A final showing of the complete set of the 52 works that the Sara Lee Corporation is donating from its collection to international museums, which includes paintings and sculpture by Edgar Degas, Pablo Picasso and Henry Moore.
Curator: Richard Brettell, Sara Lee Collection.
Stuart Wetzel
Sketch for Brighton Beach Memoirs
  The Art of Production Design in Motion Pictures
School of Visual Arts, New York
Mar. 13-Apr. 15, 2000
Illustrations, set models, video and slide projections and taped interviews by seven production designers, including Mel Bourne, Wynn Thomas and Patrizia Van Brandenstein, as well as William Cameron Menzies' recently discovered sketches of Atlanta burning in Gone With the Wind.
Curators: Salvatore Petrosino, Vincent LoBrutto, both of the SVA.
    Carmontelle's Transparency: An 18th-Century Motion Picture
J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
Mar. 14-May 28, 2000
A 12-foot long "papier transparent" -- watercolor and gouache on transparent paper -- called Figures Walking in a Parkland, presented with a lightbox through which a reproduction of the work is hand-cranked in order to achieve the effect of movement, along with 20 watercolors by Carmontelle's contemporaries.
Curator: Lee Hendrix, Getty.
Town and Country dinnerware
ca. 1950
  From Tabletop to TV Tray: China and Glass in America, 1880-1980
Newark Museum of Art, Newark, N.J.
Mar. 15-June 15, 2000
Over 200 examples of industrially produced dishes made for and sold in the U.S. market, from critically acclaimed fine crystal to mass produced utilitarian ceramics.
Curators: Charles L. Venable and Stephen G. Harrison, both of the Dallas Museum of Art.
Catalogue: 400 pages, published by the Dallas Museum of Art and Harry N. Abrams, with essays by Venable, Harrison, Ellen Paul Denker and Katherine C. Grier.
Tour: The exhibition was organized by the Dallas Museum of Art, and travels there following its debut at the Newark Museum.
Funding: Tri Delta Charity Antiques Show, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, et al.
Vladimir and Georgi Stenberg
Symphony of a Big City
  Making Choices
Museum of Modern Art, New York
Mar. 16-Aug. 22, 2000: Second Floor/First Floor Garden Hall Galleries/Sculpture Garden
Mar. 30-Sept. 19, 2000: Fourth Floor
The second cycle the Modern's millennium exhibition series, "MoMA 2000," featuring 20 distinct exhibitions of art made between 1920 and 1960, all from the museum's permanent collection. Among the exhibitions are "Dream of Utopia/Utopia of the Dream," "Modern Living 1 and 2," "Walker Evans & Co.," "Anatomically Incorrect," "Modern Art Despite Modernism," "Useless Science" and "One Thing and Another: The Double Life of Transparency in 20th-Century Art."
Curators: Peter Galassi, Robert Storr, Anne Umland, Beth Handler, Carina Evangelista and Josiana Bianchi, all of MoMA.
Leonardo Drew
Untitled (No. 49)
  Leonardo Drew: Directions
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
Mar. 16-May 28, 2000
A new large-scale wall-mounted sculpture made of corroded steel, dirty rags, charred wood, ropes, feathers and other industrial refuse by the African-American contemporary artist.
Curator: Teresia Bush, Hirshhorn.
Giovanni Paolo Panini
View of the Palatine, Arch of Constantine, and Colosseum, Rome
  The Splendor of 18th-Century Rome
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Mar. 16-May 28, 2000
From the Baroque to neoclassicism, around 380 paintings, sculpture, architectural renderings and more by 160 artists working in the Italian city in the 18th century, including Jean-Honore Fragonard, Jean-Antoine Houdon, Anton Raphael Mengs and Pier Leone Ghezzi.
Curators: Joseph J. Rishel, Ann Percy, Dean Walker, all of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Tour: Following Philadelphia, the exhibition travels to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (June 25-Sept. 17, 2000).
Funding: ADVANTA and American Water Works Company.
Jessica Halonen
Floating Elements
  Glassell School of Art Annual Core Exhibition
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Mar. 17-Apr. 23, 2000
The 18th annual exhibition of work by emerging artists given fellowships to study at the Glassell School of Art, the teaching arm of the MFA, Houston.
Curator: Joseph Havell, Glassell School of Art.
Eikoh Hosoe
Embrace #60
  Nothing But Nudes: Selections from the Permanent Collection
Milwaukee Art Museum
Mar. 17-May 14, 2000
The human body depicted in around 100 works, from 6th century B.C. Greek vases and Albrecht Durer engravings to Hans Bellmer photos and a Kiki Smith sculpture.
Louise Bourgeois
  Realm of Marvels
Brooklyn Museum of Art
Mar. 18-June 25, 2000
The evolution of the museum's holdings via 17 recent acquisitions presented with related historical material and objects.
Curator: Ellen Reeder, Teresa Carbone, Barry Harwood, all of the Brooklyn Museum.
Heide Fasnacht
  Blowup: Recent Sculpture and Drawings by Heide Fasnacht
Wooster Art Museum, Worcester, Mass.
Mar. 18-June 11, 2000
Picturing energy -- dramatic images of volcanoes, geysers, bomb blasts, sneezes and star clusters -- via approximately 25 sculptures and drawings made by the New York artist during the past three years. The show is the first solo project in the museum's new contemporary gallery.
Curator: Susan Stoops, WAM.
Pierre Huyghe
Blanche-Neige Lucie (Snow White Lucie)
  Pierre Huyghe
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Mar. 18-June 25, 2000
The French artist critiques the film and entertainment industry via his 1997 short video Blanche Neige Lucie (Snow White Lucie), which tells the story of Lucie Dolene, the singing voice of Snow White in the French version of Disney's 1962 animated film.
Curator: Staci Boris, MCA.
Martin Kippenberger
  Drawing the Figure: Recent Works on Paper from the Manilow Collection
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Mar. 18-June 25, 2000
Around 70 works by 24 contemporary artists, including Anselm Kiefer, Cecily Brown, Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst, selected from the holdings of Chicago collectors Susan and Lewis Manilow.
Curator: Staci Boris, MCA.
Catalogue: 32 pages, $15.
Funding: Joseph and Jory Shapiro Fund.
Yoshitomo Nara
The Little Pilgrims
  Yoshitomo Nara: Walk On
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Mar. 18-May 21, 2000
Recent works by the Japanese artist known for cute yet disturbing cartoon-like depictions of children, including a site specific installation consisting of 50 fiberglass figures. Nara is also the subject of an exhibition at the Santa Monica Museum of Art this month.
Arnold Newman
George Segal sculptor, printmaker, drawings on paper, North Brunswick, New Jersey, 1985
  Arnold Newman: Breaking Ground
Corcoran Gallery of Art
Mar. 18-May 21, 2000
Around 130 images of artists, politicians and cultural icons, from Pablo Picasso and John F. Kennedy to Arthur Miller and Igor Stravinsky, taken by the American portrait photographer from 1938-1999.
Curator: Philip Brookman, Corcoran Gallery of Art.
Catalogue essays: Arnold Newman; Philip Brookman.
    Paul Klee: Recent Acquisitions of the Djerassi Collection
San Francisco Museum of Art
Mar. 18-June 25, 2000
Klee collector and frequent SFMoMA lender Carl Djerassi shows his latest treasures, including a suite of Bauhaus promotional cards appearing as a complete unit for the first time.
Nefertiti in the extreme style
Dynasty 18
1353-1336 BC
  Pharaohs of the Sun: Akhenaten, Nefertiti, Tutankhamen
Los Angeles County Museum
Mar. 19-June 4, 2000
Over 250 archeological objects recreate the Amarna Age of ancient Egypt (1353-1356), when King Akhenaten radically changed culture and art by introducing the worship of a single god, Aten.
Curators: Rita Freed, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
Catalogue: 320 pages; $60 hardcover, $29.95 softcover; includes maps, chronology of ancient Egypt and a glossary, essays by Freed and 14 others.
Tour: The exhibition premiered at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and following Los Angeles travels to the Art Institute of Chicago (July 17 -Sept. 24, 2000) and Rijksmuseum Leiden, The Netherlands (Nov. 23, 2000-Feb. 18, 2001).
Cindy Sherman
Untitled #313
  The Body in Photographs: A Recent Gift from Eileen and Peter Norton
Center for Curatorial Studies Museum, Bard College, Annendale-on-Hudson, N.Y.
Mar. 19-May 28, 2000
18 works by contemporary artists, including Nobuyoshi Araki, Eric Magnuson, Alix Pearstein and Cindy Sherman.
Curator: Amada Cruz.
Robert Gober
  2000 Biennial Exhibition
Whitney Museum of American Art
Mar. 23-June 11, 2000
Controversial director Maxwell Anderson's first biennial -- the Whitney's signature exhibition -- subject to particular scrutiny this year since the 97 contemporary artists were selected by a team of outside curators for the first time ever. Artists run from Doug Aitken and Ghada Amer to Yanagi Yukinori and Lisa Yuskavage.
Curators: Michael Auping, Museum of Fort Worth, Tx; Valerie Cassel, Art Institute of Chicago; Hugh M. Davies, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego; Jane Farver, List Visual Arts Center, MIT; Andrea Miller-Keller, independent curator; Lawrence R. Rinder, California College of Arts and Crafts.
Catalogue: Designed by J. Abbott Miller of Pentagram, published by the Whitney, distributed by Harry N. Abrams, essays by Maxwell Anderson and all six curators.
Funding: Emily Fisher Landau and Leonard A. Lauder.
Hexagonal bottle
2nd century A.D.
  Roman Glass: Reflections on Cultural Change
Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, New York
Mar. 23-June 11, 2000
The effect of historical events and social change on the craft of glassmaking in ancient Rome, via more than 200 vessels dating from the late second century BC to the early seventh century AD. Organized by the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.
Funding: Susan Helen Horsey Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation, et al.
    Masterworks of African Art from the Collection of Beatrice Riese
Brooklyn Museum of Art
Mar. 24-May 27, 2000
30 sculptures from the famed collection of artist Beatrice Riese, who began acquiring African objects nearly 50 years ago.
Curator: William Siegmann, Brooklyn Museum of Art.
    Yoshitomo Nara: Lullaby Supermarket
Santa Monica Museum of Art
Mar. 24-May 27, 2000
Paintings, works on paper, sculpture and a specially commissioned mural by the contemporary Japanese artist, known for his cute cartoony images of melancholy children with big heads, huge eyes and tiny bodies. Nara is also the subject of an exhibtion at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, this month.
Funding: L.L.W.W. Foundation.
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Marie-Thérese Durand-Ruel Sewing
  Faces of Impressionism: Portraits from American Collections
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Mar. 25-May 7, 2000
60 paintings by 19th-century French artists, including Gustave Courbet, Paul Cézanne, Edgar Degas, Berthe Morisot and Auguste Renoir.
Curator: Sona Johnston, Baltimore Museum of Art.
Funding: Shell Oil Company.
Irving Penn
Harlequin Dress (Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn), New York
  Irving Penn, A Career Photographer
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Mar. 25-June 4, 2000
A traveling exhibition of vintage and master prints by the celebrity portraitist and fashion photographer, in celebration of a major gift by Penn to the Art Institute of Chicago.
Curator: Colin Westerbeck, Art Institute of Chicago.
Catalogue: 192 pages; $60.00 hardcover, $24.95 sofcover; essays by Issey Miyake, Rosamond Bernier, Edmund Carpenter, Martin Harrison, Colin Eisler, and Westerbeck.
Funding: American Airlines, Charles Butt, Chase Texas Foundation, et al.
  Picturing the Modern Amazon
New Museum of Contemporary Art
Mar. 28-July 2, 2000
Hyper-muscular and physically strong women and their problematic social position, as addressed in over 150 images from 1783 to the present by over 40 artists, including Matthew Barney, Louise Bourgeois, Nicole Eisenman, Herb Ritts, Alison Saar and Andres Serrano.
Curators: Laurie Fierstein, a bodybuilder and social activist; Joanna Frueh, an art historian, art critic, and performance artist; and Judith Stein, a curator and critic.
Catalogue: Edited by Joanna Frueh, Laurie Fierstein and Judith Stein and published by Rizzoli International.
Funding: Peter Norton Family Foundation; Altoids.
    Ellen Gallagher
Boston Institute of Contemporary Art
Mar. 29-May 28, 2000
Large-scale minimalist paintings and works on paper exploring racial stereotypes by the Boston-born Irish-African artist who showed in the 1995 Whitney Biennial and at Gagosian and Anthony D'Offay galleries.
Man's robe
Turkestan, 19th century
  A Bold Aesthetic: Textile Arts of Central Asia
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Mar. 30-July 31, 2000
60 examples of dress, textiles and jewelry from Usbeks, Tajiks, Turkomans, Kazakhs, Kirghiz, Tartars, Russians and Jews, from the early 19th to the early 20th century.
Curator: Dale Carolyn Gluckman, LACMA.