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      New This Month in U.S. Museums
Martha Graham as Medea in Cave of the Heart (1946), with Isamu Noguchi's stage set
  Noguchi and Graham: Selected Works for Dance
Noguchi Museum
Dec. 1, 2004-May 1, 2005
Coinciding with "Isamu Noguchi: Master Sculptor," Oct. 28, 2004-Jan. 16, 2005, at the Whitney Museum, a selection of nine dance sets made from 1935 through the ’60s
Curator: Bonnie Rychlak
Catalogue: 50 pp.
Funding: Atria, NEA, NYSCA
NB: For the first chapter of the Noguchi catalogue raisonne by Neil Printz, see
La Fornarina
ca. 1520
  Raphael's La Fornarina
Frick Collection
Dec. 2, 2004-Jan. 30, 2005
The first U.S. appearance of the portrait of the artist's nude mistress, on loan from the National Gallery of Art at the Palazzo Barberini in Rome, in a show organized in collaboration with the Foundation for Italian Art & Culture
Funding: Hester Diamond, Jon and Barbara Landau, others
Catalogue: an illustrated booklet by Claudio Strinati, presenting recent scholarship on the painting
Tour: Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Indianapolis Museum of Art
Retratos: 2,000 Years of Latin American Portraits
  Retratos: 2,000 Years of Latin American Portraits
El Museo del Barrio
Dec. 3, 2004-Mar. 20, 2005
125 paintings and sculptures, ranging from Mayan culture to contemporary art by Antonio Berni, Fernando Botero, José Campeche, Rifa Kahlo, Armando Reverón, Diego Rivera and others, in a show jointly organized with the San Antonio Museum of Art and the National Portrait Gallery
Curators: Marion Oettinger, Jr., Fatima Bercht, Carolyn Kinder Carr, Miguel Bretos
Catalogue: 302 pp., Yale, $65
Tour: San Diego Museum of Art, Apr. 16, 2005-June 12, 2005; Bass Museum of Art, July 23, 2005-Oct. 2, 2005; National Portrait gallery, Oct. 21, 2005-Jan. 8, 2006; San Antonio Museum of Art, Feb. 4, 2006-Apr. 30, 2006
Funding: Ford Motor Company Fund
Polychrome snakeskin hood
Photograph Bert Stern/Condé Nast
  WILD: Fashion Untamed
Metropolitan Museum
Dec. 7, 2004-Mar. 13, 2005
At the Costume Institute, more than 100 costumes and accessories focusing on the practical, spiritual, psychosexual and socio-economic aspects of the decorative possibilities of birds and beasts
Funding: Roberto Cavalli, John and Laura Pomerantz
Curators: Andrew Bolton, with Shannon Bell Price, Elyssa Schram Da Cruz
Catalogue: Yale
Charlie Ahearn
Still from Wild Style
  East Village USA
New Museum of Contemporary Art
Dec. 9, 2004-Mar. 19, 2005
Works by more than 50 artists from the celebrated, controversial and short-lived art neighborhood of early 1980s New York
Curator: Dan Cameron
Funding: Andy Warhol Foundation, Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation, Keith Haring Foundation, Altria
      Ralph Eugene Meatyard
International Center of Photography
Dec. 10, 2004-Feb. 27, 2005
The first major New York exhibition of works by Ralph Eugene Meatyard (1925-72 features 150 of the visionary, Surrealistic and meditative photographs he staged using his friends and families as models
Curator: Guy Davenport
Catalogue: ICP/Steidl
Funding: Frank and Mary Ann Arisman, Christian K. Keesee, Richard and Ellen Kelson
Also on view: "The Mysterious Monsieur Bellocq," "Bill Owens: Leisure" and "White: Whiteness and Race in Contemporary Art"
      At the Crossroads of Desire: A Times Square Centennial
AXA Gallery, New York
Dec. 10, 2004-Mar. 26, 2005
Originally planned for the New-York Historical Society, a history of Times Square as a nexus for the real estate, journalism, advertising and entertainment industries, as well as a crucible for changing notions of urban planning, morality and public display
Curator: Max Page
Carmel Horse with Eagle and American Flag (detail)
ca. 1915
  Carousel Art from the Charlotte Dinger Collection
UBS Art Gallery, New York
Dec. 14, 2004-Jan. 3, 2005
More than 40 antique carousel animals made between 1890 and 1920, in an exhibition organized by the Morris Museum in Morristown, N.J.
Frank Lloyd Wright
Table Lamp from the Susan Lawrence Dana House, Springfield, Ill.
ca. 1930
  The Arts and Crafts Movement in Europe and America, 1880-1920: Design for the Modern World
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Dec. 19, 2004-Apr. 3, 2005
More than 300 objects from 13 countries, including works by Peter Behrens, Greene and Greene, Josef Hoffmann, William Morris, Eliel Saarinen, M.H. Baillie Scott, Gustav Stickley and Henry Van de Velde
Curator: Wendy Kaplan
Catalogue: 327 pp., Thames & Hudson
Tour: Delaware Art Museum, June 17-Sept. 11, 2005; Cincinnati Art Museum, Oct. 21, 2005-Jan. 15, 2006
Funding: Max Palevsky, NEA