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      New This Month in U.S. Museums
Josef Albers
ca. 1927
  Josef and Anni Albers: Designs for Living
Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
Oct. 1, 2004 -Feb. 27, 2005
Furniture, textiles and other domestic objects designed from the 1920s to the '50s by "Homage to the Square" painter Josef Albers and his wife Anni, who is now widely celebrated for her textile designs
Curator: Nicholas Fox Weber, Matilda McQuaid
Catalogue: 160 pp, $39.95 hardcover, essays by Nicholas Fox Weber and Martin Filler
Dan Flavin
Untitled (in honor of Harold Joachim) 3
  Dan Flavin: A Retrospective
National Gallery of Art
Oct. 2, 2004-Jan. 9, 2005
46 objects and installations, most incorporating Flavins signature fluorescent light tubes, along with 110 drawings, sketches and collage-constructions in the first comprehensive Flavin exhibition
Curators: Michael Govan, Tiffany Bell, Jeffrey Weiss
Catalogue: 208 pp, $45.00 softcover; a related publication is the 432-page Dan Flavin: The Complete Lights, 19611996, $150.00 softcover Tour: Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Feb. 25-June 5, 2005; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, July 1-Oct. 30, 2005
Funding: Altria Group, Lehman-Smith + McLeish, Lannan Foundation, Henry Luce Foundation, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts
Also on view: "All the Mighty World: The Photographs of Roger Fenton, 1852-60," Oct. 17, 2004-Jan. 2, 2005
Laura Owens
  The Undiscovered Country
UCLA Hammer Museum
Oct. 3, 2004-Jan. 16, 2005
Over 60 works by 25 painters and sculptors working in a representational mode, ranging from John Baldessari, Neil Jenney and Gerhard Richter to Peter Doig, Laura Owens and Luc Tuymans
Curator: Russell Ferguson
Catalogue: 120 pp.
Cerith Wyn Evans
Look at that picture
How does it appear to you now?
Does it seem to be
  Cerith Wyn Evans
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Oct. 6, 2004-Jan. 30, 2005
The British artists first U.S. museum show features works that incorporate mirrors, chandeliers and other materials and make reference to philosophy, literature and history. It is mounted in conjuction with a large, site-specific installation at the MIT List Visual Arts Center, Oct. 7-Dec. 31, 2004
Curator: William Stover
Kehinde Wiley
Passing/Posing (Immaculate Consumption)
  Passing/Posing: Kehinde Wiley Paintings
Brooklyn Museum of Art
Oct. 8, 2004-Feb. 6, 2005
The first museum show for the Brooklyn-based painter whose realist portraits combine references to art history with urban street culture features Passing/Posing, a cycle of four large-scale oil paintings recently acquired by the BMA
Curator: Tumelo Mosaka
Funding: Peter Norton Family Foundation
John Singer Sargent
Ruth Sears Bacon
  Great Expectations: John Singer Sargent Painting Children
Brooklyn Museum of Art
Oct. 8, 2004-Jan. 16, 2005
The first exhibition to examine child imagery in Sargents art includes 43 works -- commissioned portraits, portraits of family members and friends, genre paintings, and works portraying professional child models
Curator: Barbara Dayer Gallati
Catalogue: 256 pp, $60 hardcover
Tour: Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, Feb. 25-May 22, 2005; Portland (Ore.) Art Museum, June 18-Sept. 11, 2005
Funding: Jan and Warren Adelson, others
Joseph Beuys
Schlitten (Sled)
  Joseph Beuys: Actions, Vitrines, Environments
Menil Collection
Oct. 8, 2004-Jan. 2, 2005
15 vitrine sculptures, 12 objects, DVD projections of Beuys performances and four environments in a show co-organized with the Tate
Curator: Mark Rosenthal
Catalogue: 224 pp., $50 hardcover, $35 softcover
Tour: Tate Modern, Feb. 4-May 2, 2005
Funding: Andy Warhol Foundation, Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne, others
George Romney
Newton Making Experiments with a Prism
  The Newtonian Moment: Science and the Making of Modern Culture
New York Public Library
Oct. 8, 2004-Feb. 5, 2005
A survey of Isaac Newtons wide-ranging influence, including works by 18th century artists like George Romney as well as rare volumes, maps and historical materials
Curator: Mordechai Feingold
Catalogue: 236 pp, $45 hardcover, $22.50 paperback
Peter Doig
Pelican (Stag)
  Carnegie International
Carnegie Museum of Art
Oct. 9, 2004-March 20, 2005
Now a ripe 108 years old, this triennial brings together more than 400 works by 38 artists from around the world, including John Bock, Robert Crumb, Peter Doig and Anne Chu
Curator: Laura Hoptman
Catalogue: 252 pp., $45 hardcover
Alexander Calder
Twenty Leaves and an Apple
  Calder Miró
Phillips Collection
Oct. 9, 2004-Jan. 23, 2005
Over 100 works charting the artistic dialogue between the mobile maker and the painter, in a show that originated at Basels Beyeler Foundation
Curator: Elizabeth Hutton Turner
Catalogue: 312 pp., $50 hardcover
Charles-Henri-Joseph Cordier
Negress of the Colonies
  Facing the Other: Charles Cordier (1827-1905) Ethnographic Sculptor
Dahesh Museum of Art
Oct. 12, 2004-Jan. 9, 2005
An academic sculptor and member of the French Anthropological Society, Cordier fed Second Empire Frances appetite for orientalism with his classical portrait busts of exotic African tribesmen and women
Curators: Laure de Margerie and Edouard Papet
Catalogue: 256pp., $70.00 softbound , essays by Laure de Margerie and Edouard Papet
Libby Black
Burberry / Powell Skateboard
  California Biennial
Orange County Museum of Art
Oct. 12, 2004-Jan. 9, 2005
Libby Black, Brian Calvin, Malerie Marder and Kori Newkirk are among the 28 California artists on the roster of this Biennial. The digital and video works are on view in the museums new Orange Lounge in the South Coast Plaza shopping center.
Curators: Elizabeth Armstrong, Irene Hofmann
Catalogue: 128 pp, with essays by Elizabeth Armstrong, Irene Hofmann, Cary Levine, Jane Simon and others
Funding: Deutsche Bank, Peter Norton Family Foundation
Female figure
Tang dynasty (618907)
  China: Dawn of a Golden Age
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Oct. 12, 2004-Jan. 23, 2005
300 works -- objects in jade, bronze, gold, silver, metal, stone and wood, as well as textiles, works on paper and wall paintings -- dating from the Han to the Tang dynasty
Curator: James C.Y. Watt
Catalogue: 512 pp., $75 hardcover, with essays by James C.Y. Watt, An Jiayao, Angela F. Howard, Boris Marshak and Zhao Feng
Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Wrapped Reichstag, Project for Berlin. Scale Model 1993
  Christo and Jeanne-Claude: The Würth Museum Collection
National Academy Museum
Oct. 13, 2004-Jan. 2, 2005
65 works never before seen in the U.S. -- early 1950s wraps, sketches, collages, maps, photographs and more -- from the collection of Reinhold Wrth (now in the Wrth Museum in Knzelsau, Germany), said to be the second largest grouping of the artists work in Europe (Christo and Jeanne-Claudes sprawling Gates project opens in Central Park in February 2005)
Curator: Isabelle Dervaux with Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Catalogue: 140 pp, $25 softcover, essay by Professor Dr. Dieter Ronte
Tour: Bass Museum, Miami, Feb. 3-Apr. 17, 2005; Portland (Maine) Museum of Art, Nov. 3, 2005-Jan. 1, 2006; the Austin Museum of Art, Jan. 28 Apr. 30, 2006; the Fresno Metropolitan Museum, Fresno, June 8 Aug. 20, 2006
Funding: Nurture New Yorks Nature, Inc., Deutsche Bank, Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP
Also on view: "The Photorealist Project by Xavier Veilhan" and "Transforming the Page: Line, Washes and Smudges," curated by William Bailey, Oct. 27, 2004-Jan. 2, 2005
Romare Bearden
Thank YouFor F.U.M.L. (Funking Up My Life)
  The Art of Romare Bearden
Whitney Museum
Oct. 14, 2004-Jan. 9, 2005
130 works in the touring show that premiered at the National Gallery and arrives at the Whitney after runs in San Francisco and Dallas. The Metropolitan Museum has "Romare Bearden at the Met," Oct. 19, 2004-Mar. 6, 2005
Curator: Ruth E. Fine
Catalogue: 346 pp., $50 hardcover
Tour: High Museum of Art, Jan. 29-Apr. 24, 2005
Funding: AT&T, Bloomberg, Laurie Tisch Foundation
Folding chess board
  Asian Games: The Art of Contest
Asia Society Museum
Oct. 14, 2004-Jan. 16, 2005
Some 200 paintings, prints and decorative arts spanning 2,000 years explore Asia as the origin of games such as chess, Parcheesi and Ludo
Curator: Colin Mackenzie
Catalogue: 280pp.
Tour: Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Washington, D.C., Feb. 26-May 15, 2005; Middlebury College Museum of Art, fall 2005
William Morris for Morris & Company
"Strawberry Thief printed cotton"
first issued 1883
  The Beauty of Life: William Morris and the Art of Design
Yale Center for British Art
Oct. 14, 2004-Jan. 2, 2005
Some 200 designs for stained glass, wallpaper, textiles, embroidery and tapestry, as well as drawings, rare books and manuscripts and an 18-foot-tall stained glass window designed by Morris partner, the painter Edward Burne-Jones, in a show that debuted at the Huntington Library in San Marino, Calif.
Curator: Diane Waggoner
Catalogue: 176 pp., $24.95 softcover
Tour: Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill., Jan. 21-Mar. 13, 2005
Albrecht Dürer
Adam & Eve
  Albrecht Dürer: A Renaissance Journey in Print
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Oct. 15, 2004-Jan. 9, 2005
From the graphic collection of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna come 83 Drer prints, including his well known "Apocalypse" woodcut series
Curator: Donald Schrader
Tour: dates and venues TBA
Eric Fischl
Savior Mother, Save Your Love(r)
  Perspectives @ 25: A Quarter Century of New Art in Houston
Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
Oct. 15, 2004-Jan. 9, 2005
100 works by a slew of artists shown in the museums Perspectives program over the past 25 years, including Cindy Sherman, who debuted her "Film Stills" there in 1980, as well as Laurie Anderson, Ross Bleckner, Chuck Close and Nan Goldin
Curator: Lynn Herbert
Georg Scholz
Industrial Farmers
  Comic Grotesque: Wit and Mockery in German Art, 1870-1940
Neue Galerie
Oct. 15, 2004-Feb. 15, 2005
An historical follow-up to Robert Storrs SITE Santa Fe biennial, which dwelt on the grotesque? Here, works by Paul Klee, Alfred Kubin, Emile Nolde and others
Curator: Dr. Pamela Kort
Eagle Warrior
ca. 1440-69
  The Aztec Empire
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
Oct. 15, 2004-Feb. 13, 2005
The first U.S. exhibition of Aztec art show in 20 years includes an impressive 440 objects
Curator: Felipe Solís Olguín
Catalogue: 80 pp., $24.95 paperback
Tour: Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Mar. 21-Sept. 4, 2005
Funding: Banamex/Citigroup, Televisa
Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez
Philip IV
ca. 1623-1624
  Spain in the Age of Exploration, 1492-1819
Seattle Art Museum
Oct. 16, 2004-Jan. 2, 2005
The 100 works of art and science in this show come largely from Spains royal collections. Includes work by Velazquez, Goya, Murillo and others
Curators: Chiyo Ishikawa and Javier Morales
Catalogue: 240 pp., $50 hardcover with essays by Chiyo Ishikawa, Richard Kagan and Benjamin Schmidt, Jess Carrillo, Joaqun Yarza, Sarah Schroth, José de la Sota and Andrew Schulz
Tour: Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, Feb. 2-May 1, 2005.
Funding: Robert Lehman Foundation, Inc., Boeing Company, National Endowment for the Humanities, Iberia Airlines of Spain, Microsoft Corporation, Accenture, Starbucks Coffee Company, Seattle Times, KING 5 Television and the Seattle Art Museum Supporters
Cochabamba-Tiwanaku style
A.D. 500-1000
  Tiwanaku: Ancestors of the Inca
Denver Art Museum
Oct. 16, 2004-Jan. 23, 2005
The civilization of Tiwanaku, in Bolivia, disappeared in A.D. 1100 after 1,000 years of existence. This show has 100 of the objects they left behind, including textiles, ceramics and wood sculptures
Curator: Dr. Margaret Young-Sánchez
Catalogue: 192 pp., $36 hardcover, essay by Dr. Margaret Young-Sánchez
Theodore Robinson
The Wedding March
  In Monets Light: Theodore Robinson at Giverny
Baltimore Museum of Art
Oct. 17, 2004-Jan. 9, 2005
60 paintings by this American protégé of Monet are accompanied by five paintings by his mentor
Curator: Sona Johnston
Catalogue: 224 pp, $45 hardcover, $30 softcover
Tour: Phoenix Art Museum, Feb. 4-May 8, 2005; Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Hartford, June 4-Sept. 4, 2005
Funding: Rouse Company, Henry Luce Foundation, others
Ed Ruscha
Bison Study #2
  Cotton Puffs, Q-tips®, Smoke and Mirrors: The Drawings of Ed Ruscha
Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art
Oct. 17, 2004-Jan. 17, 2005
The first retrospective of Ruschas works on paper -- 200 works from the past four decades -- premiered at the Whitney Museum and now lands the artists hometown of LA. For the occasion, MoCA is reconstructing Ruschas 1970 Chocolate Room, 360 sheets of paper printed with chocolate
Curator: Margit Rowell
Catalogue: $45 hardcover, 256 pp., with essays by Margit Rowell and Cornelia Butler
Tour: National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, Feb. 13-May 30, 2005
      Anri Sala
Art Institute of Chicago
Oct. 21, 2004-Jan. 30, 2005
A specially commissioned film by the Albanian-born artist involving an Icelandic rock band
Curator: James Rondeau
Katharina Sieverding
Transformer XXIII
  Katharina Sieverding: Close Up
P.S. 1 Art Center
Oct. 24, 2004-Jan. 23, 2005
The U.S. museum debut of the Czech-born, German artist, who recently won the Goslarer Kaiserring, Germany's most prestigious art-prize, includes photographs and films from the 1960s to the present
Curators: Alanna Heiss, Amy Smith-Stewart, Daniel Marzona
Catalogue: 500 pp., with essays by Norman Bryson, Sabeth Buchmann, Katja Diefenbach, Alanna Heiss, Brian O'Doherty, Daniel Marzona, Amy Smith-Stewart and Abigail Solomon-Godeau
Tour: KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Sept. 2005
Funding: Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Berlin and Kunststiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf
Gilbert Stuart
George Washington (The Lansdowne Portrait)
  Gilbert Stuart
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Oct. 21, 2004-Jan. 16, 2005
The first retrospective of Stuarts work in nearly 40 years includes 100 works, with a special gallery for 14 of his famous portraits of George Washington
Curator: Carrie Rebora Barrett, Ellen G. Miles
Catalogue: 352 pp., $65 hardcover
Tour: National Gallery of Art, Mar. 27-July 31, 2005
Also on view: "George Washington: Man, Myth, Monument, Images from the Metropolitan," Oct. 19, 2004-Feb. 27, 2005; "Heritage of Power: Ancient Sculpture from West Mexico The Andrall E. Pearson Family Collection," Oct. 19, 2004-Apr. 3, 2005
Cesarini Venus
16th century
  Giambologna: Master Sculptor of the Renaissance
Price Tower Arts Center, Bartlesville, Okla.
Oct. 22, 2004-Jan. 9, 2005
New York collector Michael Hall has lent 50 Giambologna sculptures, including works in marble, bronze, gold and silver
Bill Traylor
Turtle Swimming Down
ca. 1939-1942
  Bill Traylor, William Edmondson and the Modernist Impulse
Krannert Art Museum
Oct. 22, 2004-Jan. 2, 2005
Before these two Southern-born "outsiders" died around 1950, they were among the first African-American artists to gain art world attention. Younger modernists were attracted to their pared-down visual language. This show features over 50 of Traylors drawings and paintings, and 25 sculptures by Edmondson
Curators: Joseph Helfenstein, Roxanne Stanulis
Catalogue: 208 pp, $40.00 hardcover, essays by Josef Helfenstein, Roxanne Stanulis, Lowery Stokes Sims, Kerry James Marshall and others
Tour: Birmingham (Ala.) Museum of Art, Feb. 1-Apr. 3, 2005; Studio Museum in Harlem, Apr. 20-June 26, 2005; Menil Collection, July 22-Oct. 2, 2005
Erwin Wurm
Thinking about Kant
  Erwin Wurm: "I Love My Time, I Dont Like My Time"
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
Oct. 23, 2004-Jan. 9, 2005
A survey covering ten years of Wurms slyly humorous work, from his famous "One Minute Sculptures" (instructions on becoming a human sculpture) to videos and photographs
Curator: René de Guzman
Catalogue: Erwin Wurm: A Manual, with texts by Geraldine Barlow, René de Guzman and Ralph Rugoff.
Tour: Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Apr. 1-June 12, 2005; Des Moines Art Center, summer 2006
Also on view: "Soy y Que: New Chicano/Latino Representations," and "Create and Be Recognized: Photography on the Edge," Oct. 23, 2004-Jan. 9, 2005
Roy Lichtenstein
Kiss V
  Roy Lichtenstein: All about Art
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Oct. 23, 2004-Feb. 22, 2005
50 paintings and 30 works on paper that show Lichtensteins interest in the painted image and the act of art making, in a show organized by the Louisiana Museum in Denmark
Curator: Paul Erik Tøjner
Catalogue: $39.95 hardcover with essays by Paul Erik Tjner, Michael Lobel, Avis Berman and Jack Cowart
Also on view: "Glamour: Fashion, Industrial Design, Architecture," Oct. 9, 2004-Jan. 17, 2005; "Double Feature: Mary Lucier and Gordon Matta-Clark," Oct. 7, 2004-Jan. 23, 2005; "Belles Lettres: The Art of Typography," Oct. 30, 2004-Apr. 17, 2005
Calvary of the Carthusians
ca. 1440
  Dukes and Angels: Art from the Court of Burgundy, 1364-1419
Cleveland Museum of Art
Oct. 24, 2004-Jan. 9, 2005
On the 600th anniversary of the death of the first Valois Duke of Burgundy, Philip the Bold, the CMA opens this show of 150 objects -- sculpture, panel paintings, illuminated manuscripts and more -- spotlighting his familys prodigious patronage of the arts. The exhibition premiered at the Musee des Beaux Arts, Dijon.
Curator: Stephen Fliegel
Catalogue: 368 pp., $50 hardcover, with essays by Sophie Jugie, Francois Rebsamen, others
Three Ostrich-Egg Cups in the Form of Ostriches
ca. 1589-95
  Princely Splendor: The Dresden Court
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Oct. 26, 2004-Jan. 30, 2005
With 250 works of art and objects on loan from the Dresden State Art Collections -- gold and silver objects, ebony furniture, rare arms and armor, paintings, sculptures, including several bronzes by Giambologna -- the Met recreates the contents of the Dresden Kunstkammer around 1600
Curators: Wolfgang Koeppe, Ian Wardropper
Catalogue: $65 hardcover, $45 paperback
Tour: Palazzo Ruspoli, Rome, Mar. 1-Apr. 29, 2005
Isamu Noguchi
  Isamu Noguchi: Master Sculptor
Whitney Museum
Oct. 28, 2004-Jan. 16, 2005
65 sculptures in such diverse materials as plaster, wood, terracotta, paper, string, steel and bronze, as well as 20 related drawings comprise this survey of Noguchis work, on the occasion of the centenary of his birth
Curator: Valerie Fletcher
Catalogue: 240 pp., essays by Valerie Fletcher, Dona Miller and Bonnie Rychlak
Tour: Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Feb. 10-May 8, 2005
Ignacio Lang
Looking for a Signal (Buscando un Señal)
  Island Nations: New art from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the Diaspora
Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art
Oct. 29, 2004-Jan. 30, 2005
Work by 23 artists, including Esterio Segura, Glenda León, Tony Capellán and Raquel Paiewonsky and Wilfredo Prieto, in a show that seeks to debunk the cliché of the Caribbean as merely a tropical paradise
Curator: Judith Tannenbaum
Catalogue: 44 pp., $17.50 softcover