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      New This Month in U.S. Museums
William Pope.L
Eating the Wall Street Journal
  William Pope.L: eRacism
Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts
Jan. 5-Feb. 5, 2004
Artists Space, New York
Jan. 14-Feb. 21, 2004
The traveling museum survey of work by the African American conceptualist William Pope.L, celebrated for epistemologically wacky works such as Eating the Wall Street Journal (2000), comes to the New York area in two parts
Curators: Mark H.C. Bessire, Stuart Horodner, Sara Kellner, Diane Barber
Catalogue: William Pope.L: The Friendliest Black Artist in America, 237 pp., $24.95 cloth
Tour: The show was organized by the Institute of Contemporary Art at the Maine College of Art in Portland, and has already appeared at DiverseWorks and the Portland (Oregon) ICA. This is its final stop.
Anna Niesterowicz
  Further Passages: A Survey of Eastern European Video
Renaissance Society, University of Chicago
Jan. 11-Feb 22. 2004
Over three dozen video artists, hailing from the Baltic to the Balkans
Curator: Hamza Walker
Funding: American Center Foundation
Diane Arbus
Untitled (Marcella Matthaei)
  Diane Arbus: Family Albums
Grey Art Gallery NYU
Jan. 13-Mar. 27, 2004
As Arbus said, "All families are creepy in a way." Here, 50 black-and-white photographs and 57 contact sheets, many of which have never before been publicly exhibited
Curator: Anthony W. Lee, John Pultz
Catalogue: 168 pp., Yale, $35 paper
Tour: The show originated at Mount Holyoke and subsequently appears at the Portland (Me.) Museum of Art, the Spencer Museum of Art at the University of Kansas and other venues (and is not to be confused with "Diane Arbus: Revelations," due at the Met next month)
Funding: Abby Weed Grey Trust
Chuck Close
  Chuck Close: Prints, Process and Collaboration
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Jan. 13- Apr. 18, 2004
Over 100 images, ranging from the artist's first 1972 mezzotint to Emma, a 113-color Japanese-style woodprint made in 2002
Curator: Terrie Sultan
Catalogue: Princeton University Press, $45.95
Tour: The show debuted at the Blaffer Gallery in Houston and subsequently appears at eight museums through 2007
Funding: Jane and Robert Carroll, Neuberger Berman Foundation, others
Also on view: "Playing with Fire: European Terracotta Models, 1740-1840," Jan. 28-Apr. 25, 2004
Anne Wilson
A Chronicle of Days 1997-98 (detail #2)
  Perspectives 140: Anne Wilson
Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston
Jan. 16-Apr. 4, 2004
Three installations by the Chicago-based artist, including Topologies, a landscape of lace, hair and cloth, previously featured in the 2002 Whitney Biennial
Curator: Valerie Cassel
Funding: Altria, Fayez Sarofim & Co., others
    Fresh Faces: Youth in African American Art
Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
Jan. 17-July 4, 2004
Images of children and teenagers by Augusta Savage, Laura Wheeling Waring, Hughie Lee-Smith, Alan Crite, Charles White, Coreen Simpson and Dawoud Bey
Funding: Amistad Foundation
Tom Marioni
The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest Form of Art (Studio with Caf)
  Tom Marioni: The Golden Rectangle
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
Jan. 17-Apr. 4, 2004
A new installation and series of drawings by the insouciant Bay Area conceptualist addressing the connections between Zen Buddhism, sculpture and performance art
Curators: Mary Jane Jacobs, Jacquelynn Baas
Funding: Wallis Foundation, NEA, Institute of Museum and Library Services, others
Also on view: "Banging the Machine: Computer Gaming Art and Artifacts," "Mark Lombardi: Global Networks"
Ant Farm (Lord, Marquez, Michels)
Cadillac Ranch (detail)
  Ant Farm
Berkeley Art Museum
Jan. 21-Apr. 26, 2004
The neo-Dadaists from Texas (Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez, Doug Michels, others) get their due, via photo-documentation and videos
Curator: Constance Lewallen
Catalogue: 224 pp., $60 cloth
Funding: Judith Rothschild Foundation, NEA, Rena Bransten, Marilyn Oshman, Consortium for the Arts at UC Berkeley, Windfall Foundation, Joan Roebuck, Joseph and Daphne Cortina, Jeanne and Jim Newman
Eduardo Abaroa
Ancient vs. Modern (Mastodon with yellow cupcakes)
  Made in Mexico/Hecho en Mexico
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
Jan. 21-May 9, 2004
20 international artists, including Andreas Gursky, Sharon Lockhart, Santiago Sierra, Daniela Rossell and Andrea Fraser, make works about the city, its history and place in contemporary art
Curator: Gilbert Vicario
Funding: Altria, NEA, Kenneth L. Freed, La Coleccion Jumex
    Giuseppe Penone: The Imprint of Drawing
Drawing Center
Jan. 23-Mar. 6, 2004
12 large-scale drawings and a selection of sketches made between 1968 and 2002, in the first New York museum survey of drawings by the Arte Povera pioneer
Curator: Catherine de Zegher
Catalogue: 96 pp., $25
Funding: New York State Council on the Arts, Marian Goodman Gallery, Italian Cultural Institute
Also on view: "Helena Almeida: Inhabited Drawings," Jan. 23-Mar. 6, 2004
Jörg Immendorff
  Jörg Immendorff: I Wanted to Become an Artist
Goldie Paley Gallery, Moore College of Art & Design
Jan. 23-Mar. 21, 2004
The first solo museum show in the U.S. of the 58-year-old German artist features 100 drawings, paintings, performance objects and documents
Curator: Robert Storr, Pamela Kort
Funding: Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative
Catalogue: 96 pp.
Brian Calvin
Nowhere Boogie
  Baja to Vancouver: The West Coast and Contemporary Art
Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
Jan. 23-May 16, 2004
Over 50 works by 33 contemporary artists from the west coasts of Northern Mexico, the U.S. and Canada
Curators: Ralph Rugoff (CCA), Matthew Higgs (CCA), Toby Kamps (MCASD), Lisa Corrin (SAM), Daina Augaitis (Vancouver)
Tour: The exhibition premiered at the Seattle Art Museum; it subsequently travels to the Vancouver Art Gallery and the CCA/Wattis Institute in San Francisco
    The James VanDerZee Studio
Art Institute of Chicago
Jan. 24-Apr. 25, 2004
85 photographic portraits spanning the 75-year career of one of the great figures of the Harlem Renaissance
Curator: Colin Westerbeck
Catalogue: 36 pp., $9.95
Funding: LaSalle Bank
Man Ray
  Conversion to Modernism: The Early Works of Man Ray
Terra Museum of American Art
Jan. 24-Apr. 4, 2004
Approximately 85 paintings and works on paper made from 1907-1919, including a series of paintings based on the Dadaist photographer's memories of a 1913 New Jersey camping trip, in a show that opened last year at the Montclair (N.J.) Art Museum
Curator: Elizabeth Kennedy
Catalogue: 288 pp., Rutgers University Press, $65
Funding: New Jersey Council for the Humanities, Karma Foundation, others
Yoshitomo Nara
  Yoshitomo Nara: Nothing Ever Happens
Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia
Jan. 24-Apr. 4, 2004
Creepy kiddie paintings, drawings and sculptures dating from 1997 and including many new works
Curator: Kristin Chambers
Catalogue: 45 pp., Perceval Press, $29.95
Funding: Martin Bucksbaum Family Foundation, Toby Devan Lewis, Urban Outfitters, others
Also on view: "Sarah McEneaney," "Aleksandra Mi: Naming Toyko (Part III)"
Ananiah Gives Yehoishema Another Part of the House
Elephantine Island
402 BCE
  Jewish Life in Ancient Egypt: A Family Archive from the Nile Valley
Norton Museum of Art, Miami
Jan. 24-Apr. 4, 2004
Art and artifacts dating to Egypt after the Babylonian exile of the 5th century B.C.E.
Curator: Edward Bleiberg
Funding: Mr. and Mrs. Hamish Maxwell Exhibition Endowment, Irwin Levy
Female Martyr
ca. 1522-24
  A Beautiful and Gracious Manner: The Art of Parmigianino
Frick Collection
Jan. 27-Apr. 18, 2004
50 drawings and five small-scale paintings in a show organized by the National Gallery of Canada on the 500th anniversary of the artist's birth
Curator: David Franklin
Catalogue: 312 pp., Yale, $60 cloth
Funding: Peter Jay Sharp Foundation, others
    Barry X Ball
Jan. 29-May 1, 2004
A sculptural portrait of Matthew Barney made of onyx, gold, stainless steel, rhodium, polyurethane and wood that must be seen to be believed
Also on view: Works by Richard Sigmund, Tracey Nakayama, David Shapiro, Christian Holstad, Justine Lowe
Richard Sala
Evil Eye
  Comics on the Verge
Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore
Jan. 30-Mar. 14, 2004
Works by Lynda Barry, Peter Kuper, Art Spiegelman and others from the comix underground, in a supercharged version of a show that originated in San Francisco
Curator: Paul Candler
Catalogue: 96 pp., Last Gasp of San Francisco Press, $24.95
    Sights Once Seen: Daguerreotyping Fremont's Last Expedition Through the Rockies
Amon Carter Museum, Austin
Jan. 31-May 2, 2004
The lost daguerreotypes of the 19th century explorer John C. Frmont, recreated by Robert Shlaer from 1994 to '98
Funding: Avenir Foundation