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      New This Month in U.S. Museums
Devil Robots
Life is Snack and Music
  Buzz Club: News From Japan
P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, Queens
July 1-September, 2001
More than 100 artists displaying pop culture works including a 70-foot-long beehive structure with interactive works, web-based animation and sound and five successive performance-based exhibitions in the largest exhibition of pop culture creators outside of Japan.
Curators: Kazue Kobata, P.S. 1 and David d'Heilly.
Also On view: Outdoor installation "subWave: Roy co.," "Kim Sooja," "Ashkan Sahihi: The Drug Series," opening July 1, 2001.
Beatriz Milhazes
O Guitarrista
  Beatriz Milhazes
Birmingham (Ala.) Museum of Art
July 1-Sept. 2, 2001
7 paintings and 8 silkscreens by the abstractionist who specializes in appliqué mandala patterns.
Curator: David Moos, BMA.
Catalogue: Essays by Moos, Paulo Herkenhoff.
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Beatriz Milhazes
Arthur Tress
Stephen Brecht, Bride and Groom, NYC
  Arthur Tress: Fantastic Voyage, 1956-2000
Corcoran Gallery of Art
July 1-Sept. 23, 2001
130 whimsical, autobiographical and visionary images from the Corcoran collection by the pioneer of staged photography.
Curator: Philip Brookman, Corcoran.
Catalogue: 200 pp.
Funding: Richard A. Florsheim Art Fund.
Also on view: "André Kertész and Theodore Fried: Away from Home," July 21-Sept. 17, 2001.
Raúl Cárdenas OSUNA/Torolab
  Torolab: Laboratorio of the Future in the Present
Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
July 1-Sept. 25, 2001
A Tijuana-based consortium of artists and designers create three ambient spaces: a lounge with bar, an urban life installation and an installation on the border areas between California and Mexico. The security staff will also be outfitted in "Toro Gear."
Curator: Toby Kamps, MCA.
James Whistler
The Beggars
  Whistler in Venice: The First Set of Etchings
Freer Gallery of Art
July 1, 2001-Jan. 6, 2002
The fifth installment in a series of the artist's printed work, this show presents early and late versions of 12 etchings.
Curator: Kenneth Myer, Freer.
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James Whistler
Esther Bubley
Waiting Room, Greyhound Bus Terminal, New York City
  Esther Bubley: American Photo-Journalist
PaineWebber Art Gallery, N.Y.
July 5-Sept. 7, 2001
135 black-and-white prints and six color images printed from the Post-World War II documentary photographer's original transparencies.
Curator: Bonnie Yopchelson.
    Harmonizing with the Infinite: Seattle Collects Chinese Art
Seattle Asian Art Museum
July 5-Oct. 28, 2001
Around 40 Chinese works, largely done on paper and silk.
Curators: Jerome Silbergeld, Jay Xu, SAM.
Funding: Bank of America, King County Arts Commission, Seattle Homes and Lifestyles.
Joel Sternfeld
High School Prom at the Hilton, San Antonio, Texas, April 1999
  Stranger Passing: Collected Portraits by Joel Sternfeld
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
July 6-Oct. 2, 2001
Documenting the ethnic diversity of America from Main Street to the mall, via 65 large-scale color photographs made over the last decade and a half.
Curator: Douglas R. Nickel, SFMOMA.
Catalogue: 60 images, 136 pp.
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Joel Sternfeld
Elizabeth Catlett
Homage to Black Women Poets
  Walter O. Evans Collection of African American Art
Tacoma Art Museum
July 7-Nov. 25, 2001
Around 80 African American works from the mid-19th century to the present, from Walter Evans' private collection.
Curator: Greg Bell, TAM.
Catalogue: 55 color plates, 165 pp.
Two from a set of four Regency dining chairs with detachable seats and legs
ca. 1810
  Britain's Portable Empire: Campaign Furniture of the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian Periods
Katonah (N.Y.) Museum of Art
July 8-Sept. 30, 2001
Some 100 collapsible tables, chairs, beds and other objects from the 200-year reign of the British empire.
Curator: Nicholas A. Brawer
Catalogue: 36 pp.
Also on view: "Arnie Zimmerman," July 8-Sept. 30, 2001.
Walker Evans
Penny Picture Display, Savannah
  Walker Evans & Company: Works from the Museum of Modern Art
J. Paul Getty Museum
July 10-Sept. 16, 2001
Around 250 works by Evans and others.
Curator: Peter Galassi, MoMA.
Catalogue: 272 pp. 390 illustrations.
Also on view: "The American Tradition and Walker Evans," July 10-Oct. 28, 2001, "Work and Play: Everyday Life in Drawings, 1520-1820," July 31-Oct. 14.
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Walker Evans
"Red Grooms: Selections from the Graphic Work"
invitation card
  Red Grooms: Selections from the Graphic Work
National Academy of Design Museum, N.Y.
July 11-Nov. 11, 2001
Over 100 objects spanning more than 40 years of printmaking by Charles Rogers "Red" Grooms.
Curator: Susan Knowles.
Catalogue: 320 pp.
Tour: Chicago Cultural Center, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, dates tba.
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Red Grooms
Fern Logan
Jacob Lawrence
  Fern Logan: The Artist Portrait Series
Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning, Queens, N.Y.
July 14-Aug.18, 2001
An exhibition coinciding with the publication of Logan's book of 61 portraits of African American artists.
Adam Ames
Dead of the Day
  Video Jam
Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art
July 14-Aug. 19, 2001
More than 50 contemporary video artists from the U.S., Argentina, England, Sweden, Canada, Germany, Ireland and Scotland. Includes works by Kiki Seror, Justine Kurland, Kristin Lucas and Seth Price.
Curators: Michael Rush, PBICA, and Galen Joseph-Hunter, Electronic Arts Intermix, N.Y.
Yoko Ono
Cut Piece
performance at Carnegie Recital Hall
  Y E S Yoko Ono
Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston
July 14-Sept. 16, 2001
Over 150 works spanning 40 years and many media, focusing on the beginning of the artist's career.
Curator: Alexandra Munroe, Japan Society Gallery.
Catalogue: 350 pp., including a CD.
Funding: NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
Also on view: "Ghada Amer: Pleasure," July 27-August 26, 2001.
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Yoko Ono
Volume: Bed of Sound
installation view
photo Eileen Costa
  Volume: Bed of Sound
Henry Art Gallery, Seattle
July 14-Sept. 30, 2001
Historical and cutting-edge sound art, via audio works spanning the last three decades by over 60 artists.
Curators: Elliott Sharp and Alanna Heiss, P.S.1, and Robin Held, Henry.
Gary Winogrand
ca. 1975
  The Social Scene
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
July 18-Sept. 30, 2001
250 photographs documenting American society from the 1930s through the '80s, focusing on the Civil Rights movement and the struggles of the working class.
Catalogue: Fully illustrated, by LAMOCA.
Funding: Banana Republic.
Also on View: "Nikki S. Lee," July 18-Sept. 30, 2001.
Wayne Thiebaud
Jackpot Machine
  Modernism & Abstraction: Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum
Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Nashville
July-Sept. 9, 2001
69 20th-century artworks in the second round of exhibitions at the new art museum that opened in April.
Catalogue: 112 pp.
Funding: Principal Financial Group.
Tour: Worchester (Mass.) Art Museum, National Academy Museum, Des Moines Art Center.
May Hamilton de Causse and Geneviéve Hamilton
Platter, Rippled
ca. 1936
Vernon Kilns, Vernon, Ca.
  California Pottery: From Missions to Modernism
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
July 20-Oct. 14, 2001
Commercially produced ceramic tableware and accessories from the first half of the 20th century, featuring both abstract design and pop narratives.
Guest curator: Bill Stern.
Catalogue: 108 pp.
Also on view: "Martin Venezky: Selections from the Permanent Collection of Architecture and Design," July 20-Oct. 14, 2001.
Elizabeth Catlett
  Narratives of African American Art and Identity: The David C. Driskell Collection
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
July 21-Sept. 30, 2001
Almost 100 paintings, sculptures, prints and photographs spanning 125 years and including works by Elizabeth Catlett, Aaron Douglas, Jacob Lawrence and Henry O. Tanner.
Curator: Juanita Holland.
Catalogue: 192 pp.
Tacita Dean
Disappearance at Sea
  Directions: Tacita Dean
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
July 26-Oct. 21, 2001
Two wide-screen projections by the London-based artist and filmmaker: Fernsehturm (2000), a 44-minute panorama of contemporary Berlin, and Disapperance at Sea, (1996), a 14-minute allegory of light and sky.
Curator: Kerry Brougher.
Beverly Semmes
video still from
Walking Around the Shinnecock Pots
  About the Bayberry Bush
Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, N.Y.
July 29-Oct. 14, 2001
Richard Artschwager, Joseph Grigely, Cai Guo-Qiang, Joan Jonas and eight other artists make works after William Merritt Chase's The Bayberry Bush.
Curators: Ingrid Schaffner and Melissa Feldman.
Catalogue: 113 pp.
Bernardo Belloto
View of the Grand Canal from Campo Santa Maria Zobenigo, Venice
ca. 1745
  Bernardo Belloto and the Capitals of Europe
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
July 29-Oct. 21, 2001
67 paintings of cityscapes from the 18th century artist in an exhibition that premiered at the Museo Correr in Venice.
Curator: Edgar Peters Bowron.
Also on View: "Robert Frank: A Retrospective from the Collection," July 14-Oct. 14, 2001, "10 Works from the Edward R. Broida Collection," July 22-Sept. 16, 2001.