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      New This Month in U.S. Museums
Daniel Garber
  Up the River: Pennsylvania Impressionists and Modernists
The Gallery at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Lawrenceville, N.J.
Thru Nov. 25, 2001
Approximately 65 landscapes by Impressionists and early modernists of New Jersey's New Hope School -- Walter E. Baum, Rae Sloan Bredin, Fern Coppedge, Daniel Garber, Harry Leith-Ross, others -- from the collection of Jim Alterman.
Catalogue: 48 pp., essay by art historian Brian Peterson.
    Morris Graves and Seattle
Seattle Art Museum
Nov. 1, 2001-Oct. 20, 2002
An installation of works from the collection by Northwest painter who died at age 90 last May.
Curator: Chiyo Ishikawa, SAM.
Adja Yunkers
  Adja Yunkers: To Invent a Garden
Georgia Museum of Art
Nov. 3, 2001-Jan. 6, 2002
A retrospective of torn-paper abstractions by the second-generation Abstract Expressionist artist. Organized by the Bayly Art Museum at the University of Virginia.
Curator: Romito Ray.
Catalogue: Eight essays and curator's statement.
Funding: The W. Newton Morris Charitable Foundation.
W. Eugene Smith
Untitled (Umbrellas on Fifth Avenue)
ca. 1955-57
  Dream Street: W. Eugene Smith's Pittsburgh Photographs
Carnegie Museum of Art
Nov. 3, 2001-Feb. 10, 2002
195 photos from the mid-1950s selected from 17,000 photos of Pittsburgh taken by the photojournalist for an uncompleted photographic essay on the city.
Curator: Sam Stephenson, Duke University. Organized by Linda Batis, CMoA.
Catalogue: 176 pp., 175 images and essays by Sam Stephenson and Alan Trachtenberg.
Luca Giordano
Lucretia and Sextus Tarquinius
  Luca Giordano 1634-1705
Carnegie Museum of Art
Nov. 4, 2001-Jan. 20, 2002
Nearly 100 works by the Baroque era painter. Organized by the museums of Naples, Vienna, and Los Angeles.
Curator: J. Patrice Marandel, LACMA.
Also on view: "Seeing," opening Nov. 18.
Bill Viola
The Quintet of Remembrance
  Bill Viola: The Quintet of Remembrance
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Nov. 6, 2001-May. 5, 2002
The first major video installation acquired by the museum.
Also on view: "Annual Christmas Tree and Neapolitan Baroque Crèche," opening Nov. 24.
Jacob Lawrence
  Over the Line: The Art and Life of Jacob Lawrence
Whitney Museum of American Art
Nov. 8, 2001-Feb. 3, 2002
200 works spanning seven decades of the artist's career, organized by the Phillips Collection.
Curators: Elizabeth Hutton Turner, Phillips, and Barbara Haskell, Whitney.
Catalogue: Eight essays and curators statement.
Funding: ExxonMobil, AT&T.
Tour: Detroit Institute of Fine Arts, Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.
Also on View: "Black Box/White Cube Series -- Burt Barr: Projections," opening Nov. 8.
Richard J. Neutra
view from southeast
photo: Harold H. Costain
  Windshield: Richard Neutra's House for the John Nicholas Brown Family
Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Harvard University
Nov. 10, 2001-Jan. 27, 2002
Sketches, blueprints, photographs and original furniture -- 130 objects in all -- from the 1938 house in Fishers Island, New York.
Curator: Dietrich Neumann, Brown University.
Catalogue: Essays by Joyce M. Botelho, J. Carter Brown, Sarah Williams Goldhagen, Thomas S. Hines, Thomas Michie and Dietrich Neumann.
Tour: Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Providence, Octagon Museum, Washington DC and UCLA Hammer Museum, dates tba.
Emperor Puyi's bicycle given to him by his Tutor Reginald Johnston
  Secret World of the Forbidden City: Splendors from China's Imperial Palace
Phoenix Art Museum
Nov. 10, 2001-Apr. 7, 2002
More than 300 objects and artifacts from the palace divided into eight sections by theme. The exhibition includes the complete contents of the Throne Room.
Curator: Dr. Janet Baker, Phoenix.
Catalogue: 100 pp., forward by James Ballinger.
Roxy Paine
PMU (Painting Manufacture Unit)
  Roxy Paine
Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami
Nov. 11, 2001-Jan. 27, 2002
A machine that makes art without the need for an artist will manufacture abstract paintings.
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Aristide Bruant: Ambassadeurs
  Toulouse-Lautrec: Master of the Moulin Rouge, from the Collection of the Baltimore Museum of Art
North Carolina Museum of Art
Nov. 11, 2001-Feb. 17, 2002
Nearly 50 posters and lithographs of Parisian life from the 1890s as well as a selection of 30 posters and prints by his contemporaries.
Curator: Joseph Covington, North Carolina.
    Making the Grade
National Museum of African Art
Nov. 11, 2001-May. 5, 2002
Selected pieces from the permanent collection associated with initiation rites.
Manuel Alvarez Bravo
Daughter of the Dancers/Muchachita!
  Manuel Alvarez Bravo: Optical Parables
J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
Nov. 13, 2001-Feb. 17, 2002
Photographer Manuel Bravo's 100th birthday celebration highlights work produced in Mexico from 1920s to the 70s. Also included are photographs by his contemporaries Edward Weston, Tina Modotti and Paul Strand.
Curators: Roberto Tejada, independent curator and Mikka Gee Conway, Getty.
Catalogue: Includes photographs and chronology, part of the In Focus photography series.
Also on view: "Devices of Wonder: From the World in a Box to Images on a Screen," opening Nov. 13.
John Constable
Study of Clouds
  Pastoral to Postindustrial: British Works on Paper from the Whitworth Art Gallery
Grey Art Gallery, NYU
Nov. 13, 2001-Jan. 26, 2002
95 works on paper including six watercolors by J. M. W. Turner and works by John Constable, Damien Hirst and Rachel Whiteread drawn from the collection at the University of Manchester.
Curators: Charles Nugent, Mary Griffiths, David Morris, Lynn Gumpert and Lucy Oakley.
Catalogue: Essays by British scholar Greg Smith and Mary Griffiths, Whitworth.
Mantel Regulator
by Robert Robin
(1741-1799; clockmaker)
Pierre-Philippe Thomire (1751-1843; attributed casemaker) and Joseph Coteau (1740-1812; dial painter)
  The Art of the Timekeeper: Masterpieces from the Winthrop Edey Bequest
Frick Collection
Nov. 14, 2001-Feb. 24, 2002
13 clocks and eight watches dating between the 16th and 19th centuries.
Curator: William J.H. Andrewes.
Christian Boltanski
Gymnasium Chases Series
  Face(t)s of Memory: Found Photographs and Family Albums
Jewish Museum of San Francisco
Nov. 14, 2001-Jan. 31, 2002
Christian Boltanski and Marcelo Brodsky show work displayed along side photographs from the Judah L. Magnes Museum collection.
Curators: Peter L. Stein and Natasha Perlis, JMSF, Bill Chayes, and Aaron Kornblum, Judah L. Magnes Museum.
Marina Abramovic
The Hero
  Directions-Marina Abramovic
Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
Nov. 15, 2001-Feb. 18, 2002
Video projection by the Belgrade-born, Amsterdam-based performance artist.
Curator: Phyllis Rosenzweig, Hirshorn.
    Projects 74: Ricci Albenda
Museum of Modern Art
Nov. 16, 2001-Jan. 22, 2002
Albenda distorts a portion of the walls of the mezzanine level.
Curator: Laura Hoptman, MoMA.
John, Washington and Emily Roebling Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge for the First Time
Delaware Art Museum
Nov. 16, 2001-Jan. 27, 2002
Over 20 of the pop artist's trademark sculptures combining woodcarving, drawing, stenciling and casting.
Curator: Judy Collischan, Neuberger.
Catalogue: Monograph includes an essay by Eleanor Heartney.
    Pop Culture!
Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena
Nov. 16, 2001-Feb. 11, 2002
Paintings, sculpture and works on paper by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, Ed Rushca and Wayne Thiebaud from the museum's permanent collection.
Also on view: "Lewis Baltz: Tract House Photographs, 1969-1971," opening Nov. 16.
Norman Rockwell
Freedom from Want
  Norman Rockwell: Pictures for the American People
Guggenheim Museum
Nov. 16, 2001-Mar. 3, 2002
70 oil paintings and all 322 covers created for The Saturday Evening Post spanning 60 years of the artist's career concludes its seven city American tour. Also includes sketches, rough studies and photographs of models.
Curator: Anne Knutson, High Museum of Art, Maureen Hart, Norman Rockwell Museum and Judy L. Larson, The Art Museum of Western Virginia.
Catalogue: Writers include Dave Hickey, Thomas Hoving, Judy L. Larson, Peter Rockwell and Robert Rosenblum.
Funding: Ford Motor, Fidelity and Delta.
Camille Pissaro
  The Emergence of Jewish Artists in Nineteenth-Century Europe
Jewish Museum
Nov. 18, 2001-Mar. 17, 2002
70 works by 21 artists active in England, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Austria/Hungary and Poland. Among the artists are such figures as Camille Pissarro, Max Liebermann and Moritz Daniel Oppenheim.
Curator: Susan Tumarkin Goodman, Jewish Museum.
Catalogue: 192 pp., 110 color and 30 black-and-white illustrations.
Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Angel Holding the Superscription
  Earth and Fire: Italian Terracotta Sculpture from Donatello to Canova
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Nov. 18, 2001-Feb. 3, 2002
Sculpture by Italian artists dating from the Renaissance to the Neoclassical period such as Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Andrea Del Verrocchio. Drawings and models trace the evolution of the work from concept to finished works.
Curator: Bruce Boucher, University of London, Anthony Radcliffe, Victoria and Albert and Edgar Peters Bowron, MFAH.
Catalogue: A survey of Italian terracotta sculpture.
Tour: Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Mar. 14-July 7, 2002.
Also on view: "Japanese Beauty: Woodblock Prints by Goyo from the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery" and "Paintings of Native America from the Stark Museum of Art," opening Nov. 18.
Jean Puiforcat teapot
  Art Deco and Streamlined Modern: Design 1920-1940
Dallas Museum of Art
Nov. 18, 2001-Feb. 17, 2002
75 objects from the museum's collections by noted designers including Oscar Bach, Georg Jensen, Paul Poiret and Gaston Suisse.
Curator: Charles L. Venable, DMA.
Russel Wright
ca. 1920
courtesy of Ann Wright
  Russel Wright: Creating American Lifestyle
Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
Nov. 20, 2001-Mar. 10, 2002
350 objects including furniture, drawings, videos and photographs that document the design of lifestyle marketing.
Curators: Donald Albrecht, Cooper-Hewitt and Robert Schonfeld.
Catalogue: 176 pp., essays by Albrecht, Schonfeld and Lindsay Stamm Shapiro with new and archival photos.
Krishna and his Friends Celebrate Holi in the Forests of Brindaban
ca. 1710
  Worlds of Wonder and Desire: Indian Paintings from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Nov. 21, 2001-Feb. 24, 2002
A collection of Indian watercolors on palm leaf, paper, ivory and cloth dating from the 12th to 20th centuries.
Curators: Joseph M. Dye III, E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter.
Catalogue: "The Arts of India," 650 pp., 300 color plates and 175 black-and-white illustrations.
Bust of standing statue of Ramsses II
from Aswan New Kingdom
19th Dynasty
ca. 1279-1213 B.C.
  Eternal Egypt: Masterworks of Ancient Art from the British Museum
Brooklyn Museum of Art
Nov. 23, 2001-Feb. 24, 2002
140 artifacts dating from shortly before the 1st Dynasty (ca. 3100 B.C.) including jewelry, funeral masks, Book of the Dead papyrus rolls and large sculptures. Nearly half of the objects have never been exhibited outside of Britain.
Curator: Dr. Edna R. Russman, BMA.
Catalogue: 400 pp, essays by Dr. Edna R. Russman and T.G.H James.
Funding: Ford Motor.
Tour: Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City, Apr. 12-July 2, 2002, Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, Aug. 10-Nov. 3, 2002.