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      New This Month in U.S. Museums
The Arch of Constantine with the Colosseum in the Background
ca. 1742-45
  Rome on the Grand Tour
J. Paul Getty Museum
Jan. 8-Aug. 11, 2002
Paintings, pastels, drawings, sketchbooks, antiquities and more, picturing the Eternal City as a preeminent destination for the British aristocrat -- a study that ultimately gave birth to Neoclassicism. The exhibition is the second in a series of three highlighting the Getty holdings and focusing on Italy.
Curators: Scott Schaefer, Denise Allen, Peggy Fogelman (Getty).
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Madame Claude Monet Reading
ca. 1872
  A Passion for Renoir: Five Great Paintings from the Clark Institute
High Museum of Art
Jan. 10-Feb. 24, 2002
On loan, a self-portrait and four paintings of women.
Curators: David Brenneman (High), Richard Rand (Clark).
Bruce Nauman
Mapping the Studio I (fat chance John Cage)
  Mapping the Studio I (Fat Chance John Cage)
Dia Center for the Arts
Jan. 10-Jun. 16, 2002
A new video installation by Bruce Nauman documents nighttime cat-and-mouse activity in the artist's studio, "as a way of mapping the leftover parts and work areas of the last several years of other completed, unfinished or discarded projects."
The civil rights march as it makes its way from Creggan to the Bogside
Photo Robert White
  Another Vietnam: Pictures of the War from the Other Side
International Center of Photography
Jan. 11-Mar. 17, 2002
Over 150 images by North Vietnamese soldier-photographers.
Curators: Doug Niven, Christopher Riley.
Plus: National Geographic is producing a one-hour documentary on the subject.
Also on view: "Hidden Truths: Bloody Sunday, 1972," an exhibition of photos by 18 photographers covering the Jan. 30, 1972, peace march in Derry, Northern Ireland; "Foreign Body: Photography and the Prelude to Genetic Modification," a survey of medical imaging organized by Carol Squiers; and "The First Snapshots: At Home and Abroad," featuring 60 Kodak snapshots from the 1880s and '90s.
Lurelle Guild
Electrolux, Model 30 Vacuum Cleaner
  American Modern, 1925-1940: Design for a New Age
Pennsylvania Academy for the Arts
Jan. 12, 2002-Apr. 2, 2002
More than 150 icons of American design from 50 designers, in a show organized by the Metropolitan Museum and the American Federation of Arts.
Electric Chair,
Greensville Correctional Facility, Jarratt, Virginia
  Prison Terms: Lucinda Devlin's The Omega Suites, Morrie Camhi's The Prison Experience and Looking into the Collection: Punishment
Center for Creative Photography, Tucson
Jan. 12-Mar. 3, 2002
Three exhibitions exploring incarceration, the death penalty and institutionalized punishment.
Irving Penn
Alexandra Beller (E), New York
  Dancer: 1999 Nudes by Irving Penn
Whitney Museum of American Art
Jan. 12-May 12, 2002
Photographs of dancer Alexandra Beller of the Bill T. Jones troupe made by the then-82-year-old artist, in an exhibition co-organized with the Houston MFA.
Mel Kendrick
Pipe Hole
  Mel Kendrick: Core Samples
Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College
Jan. 12-Mar. 10, 2002
10 recent wood sculptures that respond to the form, textures and growth patterns of the trees from which they originate.
Curator: Katherine Hart (Hood).
Catalogue: 48 pp., $20.
Also on view: "Reflections in Black: Smithsonian African American Photography: Art and Activism."
Invocation a la Madonne d'Onyx Vert
ca. 1897
  Divine Mirrors: The Virgin Mary in the Visual Arts
Katonah Museum of Art
Jan. 13-Mar. 31, 2002
20 works from the collection of the Davis Museum at Wellesley in a show that examines the image of Mary from the Renaissance to the present.
Catalogue: Melissa R. Katz, ed.; Oxford University Press; $50.
Benjamin Brecknell Turner
Hedgerow Trees, Clerkenleap, Worcestershire
  Benjamin Brecknell Turner: Rural England Through a Victorian Lens
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Jan. 15-Apr. 21, 2002
40 large-format photos of ruined castles, thatched barns, ancient oaks and other quintessentially English subjects, most from an album assembled by the artist in 1854 or '55. The show is organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
Catalogue: V&A Publications/Abrams, $39.95.
Funding: Hite Foundation.
Irving Penn
Nude No. 70
ca. 1949-50
  Earthly Bodies: Irving Penn's Nudes, 1949-50
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Jan. 15-Apr. 21, 2002
60 silver and platinum prints made 50 years ago in a series of intensive studio sessions with several artists' models.
Curator: Maria Morris Hambourg (Met).
Catalogue: Bulfinch Press, $75.
Tour: Art Institute of Chicago, June 1-Oct. 6, 2002; San Francisco MOMA, May-July, 2003.
Lee Mingwei
The Living Room
at Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
  The Tourist Project
Rice University Art Gallery, Houston
Jan. 17-Feb. 24, 2002
New York artist Lee Mingwei, who has dined with museum visitors (The Dining Project at the Whitney, 1998) and turned a gallery into a kind of dorm room (The Sleeping Project at Lombard/Freid, 2000), now asks Houston residents to be his tour guide, with the results put on view at the gallery.
Studio Bengue & Kindermann
ca. 1890
  A Thousand Hounds: A Walk with Dogs through the History of Photography
UBS PaineWebber Art Gallery, New York
Jan. 17-Mar. 29, 2002
150 years of photos of dogs by everyone from Lartigue and Man Ray to Wegman and Gregory Crewdson.
Curators: Raymond Merritt, Miles Barth (ICP).
Organizer: Cygnet Foundation, publisher of A Thousand Hounds (Taschen, 2000).
Tour: Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach; Columbus (Ohio) Museum, more (sponsored by Kal Kan).
Jane Hammond
paper model for Back Stage
  Jane Hammond: Back Stage -- Secrets of Scene Painting
Whitney Museum of American Art at Philip Morris
Jan. 18-Apr. 5, 2002
A site-specific painting that fills the back wall of the Whtiney gallery, in Hammond's first solo show at a New York museum.
Curator: Debra Singer.
Catalogue brochure features an essay by Raphael Rubinstein.
Also on view: "Lucky DeBellevue: Khlysty, the Owls and the Others."
Wendy Ewald
Self-Portrait reaching for the Red Star Sky, by Denise Dixon
  Secret Games: Wendy Ewald, Collaborative Works with Children 1969-1999
Corcoran Museum of Art
Jan. 19-Apr. 8, 2002
Approximately 200 photos from 14 series, including portraits of Indian children, images created by children in Appalachia, and photos of North Carolina students enacting the role of Holocaust survivors.
Tour: The show is organized by the Addison Gallery in Andover, Mass., and the Fotomuseum Winterthur in Switzerland; it tours to the RISD Museum of Art and the Kemper Museum, Kansas City.
George Segal
Man in Bar
  The Body Present: Effigies, Decoys and Other Equivalents
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Jan. 19-May 12, 2002
Surveying 30 years of sculptural figuration, via works by Magdalena Abakanowicz, John Ahearn, Stephan Balkenhol, Joseph Beuys, John De Andrea, Marisol, others.
Curator: Michael Rooks (MCA).
Also on view:"People See Paintings: Photography and Painting from the MCA Collection" and "Lovesexy: Identity and Desire in the MCA Collection."
Richard Diebenkorn
  Richard Diebenkorn: Clubs and Spades
California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco
Jan. 19-Apr. 28, 2002
The heraldic icons, morphing and multiplying, via 25 prints and drawings from 1981-82.
Also on view: "Ŕ toute épreuve: An Artist's Book Masterpiece by Joan Miró."
Louis Faurer
Untitled (Bowing for the Vogue Collections, Paris)
  Louis Faurer
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Jan. 20-Apr. 14, 2002
The first survey in 20 years of work by the street photographer who died last year at age 84. The show features 137 works, with a special concentration on photos from 1947-51, the artist's most innovative period.
Curator: Anne Wilkes Tucker (Houston MFA).
Catalogue: 208 pp., Merrill, $35.
Funding: Andrea Frank Foundation.
Also on view: "Richard Pousette-Dart: Works on Paper," "Peter Sarkisian -- Dusted," and "Texas Flags: 1836-1945," 32 historical flags, which is accomplished by a special website that's not to be missed.
Liz Craft
The Living Edge
  L.A. on My Mind: Recent Acquisitions from MOCA's Permanent Collection
Museum of Contemporary Art at the Pacific Design Center, L.A.
Jan. 20-Apr. 21, 2002
New work by L.A. artists, including Amy Adler, Andrea Bowers, Liz Craft, Mark Grotjahn, Richard Hawkins, Pentti Monkonen, Dave Muller, Jorge Pardo, Jason Rhoades, Adam Ross and others.
Curator: Michael Darling (MOCA).
Funding: Hillcrest Foundation.
James Grashow
  Model World
Aldrich Art Museum, Ridgefield
Jan. 20-May 1, 2002
Miniature landscapes, cityscapes and interiors by 13 artists, including Paul Pfeiffer, Kazumi Tanaka and Charles Simonds.
Curator: Jessica Hough, Harry Philbrick, Richard Klein (Aldrich).
Also on view: "Natacha Leseur: Opticalifragilistic" and "Snapshot."
Matthias Vriens
Nu Masqué
  Chic Clicks: Creativity and Commerce in Contemporary Fashion Photography
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
Jan. 23-May 5, 2002
Art meets commerce via commercial work -- over 240 photos made in the last 10 years -- by art photographers, including Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Richard Prince, Terry Richardson, Cindy Sherman, Larry Sultan, Iké Udé, Erwin Wurm and 30 others.
Curator: Ulrich Lehman (Kent Inst.)
Catalogue: 250 pp., ICA/Hatje Cantz.
Tour: Winterthur Fotomuseum, Switzerland, June 14-Aug. 18, 2002.
Blanche Lazell
Provincetown Back Yards
  From Paris to Provincetown: Blanche Lazell and the Color Woodcut
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Jan. 23-Apr. 29, 2002
The first major museum show of the white-line, one-block color woodcuts made by the Provincetown artist (1878-1956), who traveled to Europe in 1912-15 and studied with Leger and Gleizes.
Curator: Barbara Stern Shapiro, MFA.
Tour: Cleveland Museum, May 19-July 28, 2002; Elvehjem Museum, Sept. 7-Nov. 3, 2002.
Marc Chagall
Bezaleel and his two golden cherubim
  Chagall: From Russia to Paris, Drawings and Watercolors 1906-1967 and Chagall in Print
Boca Raton Museum of Art
Jan. 23-Apr. 7, 2002
70 rarely seen drawings an watercolors, plus more than 165 etchings (including all 105 hand-colored plates for Chagall’s The Bible, completed in 1931-39 and 1952-56), from the collection of David MacNeil, Chagall’s son with Virginia Haggard MacNeil.
Catalogue: 150 pp., Fabbri Editori, Rome.
Edward Weston
Cabbage Leaf
  Edward Weston: Photography and Modernism
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe
Jan. 24-May. 12, 2002
85 photographs made between 1920 and '48, when illness forced the 62-year-old artist into retirement. Most are from the Lane Collection holding of vintage prints produced by Weston himself.
    Camera Women: An Exhibition in Tribute to Linda Nochlin
Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, Vassar
Jan. 25-Mar. 4, 2002
Photography by women from 1839 to the present day, in a critical reassessment of Nochlin's pivotal 1972 essay, "Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?"
Curator: Carol Armstrong (Princeton U.).
Funding: Horace W. Goldsmith.
Sir Peter Lely
Diana Kirke, later Countess of Oxford
ca. 1665
  Painted Ladies: Women at the Court of Charles II, 1660-1685
Yale Center for British Art
Jan. 25-Mar. 17, 2002
Royal brides and daughters, mistresses, actresses and other figures of the Restoration court in England, via over 100 works, in a show co-organized with the National Portrait Gallery, London, where it premiered.
Catalogue: 256 pp.
Wim Delvoye
mixed media
  Wim Delvoye, Cloaca
New Museum of Contemporary Art
Jan. 25-Apr. 28, 2002
A Rube Goldberg-ish installation by the Belgian artist that mimics the human digestive system.
Also on view: "New Additions to the Altoids Curiously Strong Collection," a selection of 20 works purchased by the mint company.
    Yinka Shonibare
The Studio Museum in Harlem
Jan. 27-Mar. 31, 2002
13 works by the London-based Nigerian artist, including a series of life-sized sculptures and photographs.
Curator: Thelma Golden (Studio Museum).
Also on view: "Africane: Candice Breitz, Wangechi Mutu, Tracey Rose and Fatimah Tuggar," curated by Christine Y. Kim, and "Race and Digital Space," guest-curated by Erica Dayla Muhammed.
Ursula von Rydingsvard
Krasawica II
  Ursula von Rydingsvard: On an Epic Scale
Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase, N.Y.
Jan. 27-May. 2, 2002
The artist's recent work in bowl forms.
Curator: Dede Young, Neuberger, in collaboration with the artist.
Wolfgang Laib
  Wolfgang Laib: A Retrospective
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
Jan. 27-May 19, 2002
Beeswax ships, houses built of panels of scented beeswax, heaps of rice and pollen in brass plates, other works in a traveling retrospective curated by Klaus Ottmann for the AFA.
John Stephan
The Tiger's Eye, cover for issues 5-8
  The Tiger's Eye: The Art of a Magazine
Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven
Jan. 29-Mar. 30, 2002
Approximately 50 works (by a diverse range of artists, from Milton Avery and Paul Delvaux to Mark Rothko and Rufino Tamayo), that were reproduced in the literary journal The Tiger's Eye, which lasted nine issues in 1947-49 and chronicled the rise of New York City as an international art center after the war.
Curator: Pamela Franks (Yale).
Also on view: "Between Language and Form," a show of contemporary art using language by John Baldessari, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Roni Horn, Lawrence Weiner and others, and "The 1948 Directors of the Société Anonyme Exhibition," a recreation of historic show of neo-Dada works by Henry Campendonk, Katherine Drier, Marcel Duchamp, Naum Gabo, Wassily Kandinsky and Man Ray.
Marit Folstad
Blow Up #1
  Thin Skin: The Fickle Nature of Bubbles, Spheres and Inflatable Structures
AXA Gallery, New York
Jan. 30-Apr. 13, 2002
An air-filled nylon gate by Lee Boroson, immense soap bubbles by Pipilotti Rist, inflatable rubber bodies by Sutee Kunavichayanont, plus works by Ernesto Neto, Ann Lislegaard, Olafur Eliasson, James Lee Byars, Charles and Ray Eames, Andy Warhol, more.
Curators: Barbara Clausen, Carin Kuoni (Independent Curators International).
Catalogue: D.A.P.