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  Art Unlimited at Basel
Photos by Mary Barone
The 31st annual Swiss art fair includes, for the first time, a special section
devoted to 70 large-scale art projects by contemporary artists.

The opening event included a performance by the artist Cai Guo-Quiang,
who set off a wall of fireworks that left behind shredded paper
and residue in the form of a beautiful swirling dragon.
Needless to say it got the art-collecting ball rolling with excitement.

Some of the more interesting projects include:
D.J. Simpon's Untitled, 2000, a large-scale painting-sculpture on routed out board.
Cornelia Parker's Neither from nor Towards, house bricks retrieved from beneath the white cliffs of Dover, 1992.
Dan Peterman's 4 Ton Vertical Storage-Accessories to an Event, 1996, composed modules made of melted plastic.
Sylvie Fleury's Dog Toy 2 (Spider), 2000
Liam Gillick's Provision Consultation Partition, 2000, that play with color and form found in corporate design
Xavier Veilhan's La Grotte, 1998, a walk-in cave where the art is sought out in subdued light.
Sculptures by John Chamberlain, 1967-1991
Two by Lynda Benglis: Contraband, 1969 and Untitled, 1970
The new Art Unlimited at Basel 31