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ArtNet News
The New York Foundation for the Arts has announced its 1999 artists' fellowships, a total of 144 $7,000 grants in eight categories. The envelope please. Sculpture: Michael Ashkin, Jean Blackburn, Houston Conwill, Virginia Cox, Jose Fernandez, Susan R. Graham, Elana Herzog, James Huang, Karl Jensen, Yoshiko Kanai, Simon Lee, Erik Levine, Linda Matalon, Tony Matelli, Arlene Shechet, George Smith, Judy Stevens, Eve Sussman, David Terry, Arnold Zimmerman. Performance art and multidisciplinary work: Radha Blank, Ken Butler, Josely Carvalho, Patricia Chang, Maureen Connor, Gary Corbin, Richard Ebihara/Wayland Quintero/Perry Yung, Emilie Gay, Sharon Hayes, Wennie Huang, Daniel Hurlin, Amy Jenkins, Ann Lanzillotto, Jennifer R. Miller, Marty Pottenger, Gita Reddy, Peter Scott, Margaret Shaw. Printmaking, drawing & artists' books: Jackie Brookner, Patti Capaldi, Greg Chann, Chris Costan, Francois Deschamps, Gilbert Flores, Peter Garfield, Peter Gourfain, Harold Graves, Nadine Heller, Yun-Fei Ji, Margot Lovejoy, Clifton Meador, Jesus Polanco, Andra Samelson, David Sandlin, Susanna Starr, Kate Temple, Lane Twitchell, Philip Zimmerman. Crafts: Sherilyn Bailey, James Bennett, John Brekke, Kathy Butterly, Kathy Erteman, Bonnie Gale, Lisa Gralnick, Richard Hirsch, James Makins, Raymond Materson, Richard Newman, Mary Preston, Mary Roehm, Donna Sharrett, Shari Urquhart, Jonathan Wahl, Barbara Walter. Computer arts: Prashant Bhargava, Jeremy Blake, Martha Burgess, Christine Calderón/Omar Calderón, Marsha Cottrell, Melanie Crean, Nicholas Didkovsky, Jeff Gompertz, Mary Klein, Jennifer McCoy/Kevin McCoy, Jeremy Slater, Ian Spalter, Beth Stryker, Andrea Summers, Rae Wright, Janet Zweig. Film: Ralph Arlyck, Alfredo Bejar, Alan Berliner, Camille Billops, Abigail Child, Robert Fenz, Nina Fonoroff, Su Friedrich, Stanley Nelson, Liliana Porter, Kym Ragusa, Owen Shapiro, George Spyros, Rea Tajiri, Leslie Thornton, Ira Wohl. Nonfiction literature: Mark Ameen, Betsy Andrews, Zakia Carter, Linda Chase, Peter Cherches, Timothy Driscoll, Arthur Flowers, Pamela Gay, Laurie Giardino, Mary Griffin, Safiya Henderson-Holmes, Emily Jenkins, John Kelly, Donna Marsh, Barbara Nuddle, Denise Reed, Cathryn Smith, Melora Wolff. Poetry: Meena Alexander, Nick Carbo, Victorine Dent, Elena Georgiou, Susan Gubernat, Marilyn Hacker, Griffin Hansbury, David Henderson, Robert Hershon, Lisa M. Jarnot, Christopher Kennedy, William Kushner, Patrick Lawler, Ali Liebegott, Sharon Messmer, Eileen Myles, Dennis Nurkse, Alix Olson, Hanifah Robinson, Lisa Yun.

Art lovers who saw Christie's New York sale of American art on May 26, 1999, were treated to a wholly different version of "The American Century" -- and it was all for sale (appropriately enough). The sale ranged from works by Martin Johnson Heade and Winslow Homer to several paintings by Andrew Wyeth. Almost 80 percent of the 165 lots sold for a total of $28.5 million. Five of the works in the sale were deaccessions by the Amon G. Carter Museum in Fort Worth, including the top two lots. Frederic Remington's A Reconnaissance (1902) sold for $5,172,000, a world auction record for the artist. Charles Marion Russell's The Price of his Hide (1915) sold for $1,432,500, also an auction record for the artist. Museum provenance must be a good thing in the market! American collectors also continue to pay top prices for Childe Hassam, with his Across the Park (1904) going for $1,102,500. Other new auction records were set for Paul Manship ($992,500) and Carl Wimar ($827,500).

Sylvain Bellenger has been appointed curator of 19th-century European painting at the Cleveland Museum of Art. A French native, Bellenger has been director of the castle of Blois and chief curator of the Municipal Museums of Blois since 1992.

The new Chelsea Antiquarian Book Fair is slated to launch Sept. 23-26, 1999, at the Chelsea Pavilion, 192 West 18th Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues. Over 100 exhibitors will participate, including Bauman Rare Books (New York), Simon Finch Rare Books (London), Biblioctopus (Century City, Ca.), Aleph-Bet Books (Valley Cottage, N.Y.) and Asher Rare Books (Jmuiden, the Netherlands). Sponsors are the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America and Sanford L. Smith & Associates. For more info email

Phyllis Kind Gallery in SoHo opens a show of 16 previously unexhibited drawings by the late artist Martin Ramirez, June 3 through the summer. Considered one of the masters of the "outsider art" movement, Ramirez was born in 1895 in Jalisco, Mexico. He was found homeless in Los Angeles in 1930 and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. He spent over 30 years, until his death in 1963, in a California state mental hospital.

Scandal-plagued art dealer Andrew Crispo, who has been operating as a private dealer out of the Greenway Mews Building on West 13th Street in Manhattan, was arrested on May 24 and jailed without bail, according to the New York Post. Crispo was charged with threatening to kidnap the daughter of his bankruptcy trustee after the trustee failed to sign some checks he wanted. Crispo was carrying crack cocaine and two glass pipes when he was arrested. According to a confidential source, FBI agents "by the busload" were searching his premises for evidence.