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Artnet News

Ever since the early-1980s curating power-duo Tricia Collins and Richard Milazzo organized a group show at White Columns called "The New Capital" (including works by then-little-appreciated artists Peter Halley and Jeff Koons, among others), Artnet News has been watching for similar curatorial investigations of commodity status of contemporary art. Now, the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art comes clean with "Public Offerings," Apr. 1-July 29, 2001, billed as an "Exhibition of Over 100 Seminal Works by 25 Young Artists Shaping Today's International Contemporary Art Scene." MOCA curator Paul Schimmel calls each work in the show an artistic breakthrough that, in many cases, may be considered key to the artist's subsequent career. Among the participants are Matthew Barney, Thomas Demand, Renee Green, Damien Hirst, Steve McQueen, Takashi Murakami, Chris Ofili, Laura Owens, Diana Thater and Rachel Whiteread. The accompanying catalogue is co-edited by Schimmel and U. of Va. prof. Howard Singerman.

The 2nd Berlin Biennale, Apr. 20-June 20, 2001, will present works by more than 40 artists from 28 countries in an exposition organized by Saskia Bos, director of the De Appel Foundation in Amsterdam. The show focuses on art that has "a social or participatory character" and that is a "critique of the art system with all its layers, its codes and self-referentiality." Bos promises "paintings explicitly explaining the process of their own genesis, couches to lie on where one becomes the sculptor's model, witty dialogues on video about who's who in the art world, and film projections where those who are portrayed exotically are looking back in anger."

Among the artists participating are Darren Almond (b. 1971, Great Britain), Kutlug Ataman (1961, Turkey), Elisabetta Benassi (1966, Italy), David Claerbout (1969, Belgium), Alyse Erkmen (1949, Turkey), Inka Essenhigh (1969, USA), Pastou Forouhar (1962, Iran), Alicia Framis (1967, Spain), Kendell Geers (1968, South Africa), Simryn Gill and Liisa Roberts (1959, Australia, and 1969, France), Renée Green (1959, USA), Joseph Grigely (1956, USA), Henrik Håkansson (1968, Sweden), Bálint Havas and András Galink (1972 and 1970, Hungary), Christian Jankowski (1968, Germany), Katarzyna Józefowicz (1959, Poland), Andree Korpys and Markus Löffler (1966 and 1963, Germany), Surasi Kusolwong (1965, Thailand), Aernout Mik (1962, Netherlands), Jonathan Monk (1969, Great Britain), Markus Muntean and Adi Rosenblum (1962, Austria and 1962, Israel), Manuel Ocampo (1965, Philippines), João Penalva (1949, Portugal), Dan Peterman (1960, USA), Patricia Piccinini (1965, Sierra Leone), Qui Shi-Hua (1940, China), Arturas Raila (1962, Lithuania), Navin Rawanchaikul (1971, Thailand), Rosângela Rennó (1962, Brazil), Daniel Roth (1969, Germany), Anri Sala (1974, Albania), Ann-Sofi Sidén (1962, Sweden), Superflex (Copenhagen), Apolonija Šušteršsic (1965, Slovenia), Fiona Tan (1966, Indonesia), Xu Tan (1957, China), Pascale Marthine Tayou (1967, Cameroon), Fred Tomaselli (1956, USA), Octavian Trauttmansdorff (1965, Austria), and Keith Tyson (1969, Great Britain).

The show is on view at Kunst-Werke Berlin and the former Postfuhramt, as well as several adjacent public locations. A two-volume catalogue in English and German is being published in conjunction with the show. For more info, go to

Printed Matter, the bookstore founded by artists Sol LeWitt and Pat Steir, critic Lucy Lippard and several others back in 1976 to cater specifically to books made by artists, has relocated from SoHo to a new home in Chelsea. Housed on the ground floor of the same 535 West 22nd Street gallery building that holds Friedrich Petzel and Marianne Boesky, among other dealers, the new facility (the fourth relocation in its lifetime) features some 30,000 titles jammed into 1,600 square feet of space. A special champagne benefit is slated for Mar. 3, 5-7:30 p.m.; $50 minimum contribution. For more info, call (212) 925-0325.

The power trustees of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco have come up with $142 million towards building a new facility in Golden Gate Park for the M. H. de Young Memorial Museum, the largest sum ever raised for culture in the Bay Area. The de Young closed the doors of its earthquake-damaged building last December and hopes to erect a new structure designed by Tate Modern architects Herzog & de Meuron, scheduled to open in 2005.

The Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization has joined in the international diplomatic uproar over the vow by Afghanistan's Taliban to destroy all statues in the country, calling on the United Nations to take action. Iran supports the moderate Northern Alliance, headed by Afghan president Burhaneddin Rabbani, in the Afghanistan civil war.

Visitors to the Alice Neel retrospective at the Philadelphia Museum of Art can also catch the two-hour video portrait of the famed painter done by video magician Michel Auder. The vid, on view Feb. 13-Apr. 15, 2001, is drawn from footage shot over five years.

The second appearance of the trail-blazing exhibition of contemporary art on the subject of walking opens at the Bucknell Art Gallery in Lewisburg, Pa., Feb. 26-Apr. 6, 2001. "Walking", as it is called, ranges from the Situationist stroll and the British trek to various Postminimalist plods, and features works by Francis Alÿs, Eleanor Antin, Janine Antoni & Paul Ramirez Jonas, Hamish Fulton, Sharon Harper, Jin Lee, Tom Marioni, Matthew McCaslin, Curtis Mitchell, Francois Morelli, Rudolf Stingel and Nancy Spero. The show is jointly organized by Bucknell Art Gallery head Stuart Horodner and Barry Blinderman, director of the University Galleries in Normal, Ill., where the exhibition premiered last fall.

Two great names in retailing team up as Sotheby's mounts a selection of items from its forthcoming Gianni Versace sale in Barney's window at 660 Madison Avenue at 62nd Street in New York, Feb. 28-Mar. 6, 2001. Among the items on view are a pair of Italian Neoclassical ebonized, parcel-gilt and mahogany pedestal cupboards (est. $15,000-$20,000), an Empire ormolu and patinated-bronze candelabra (est. $20,000-$30,000) and an Egyptian Revival ormolu sphinx (est. $5,000-$7,000). The actual auction is slated for Apr. 5-7 in New York.

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