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ArtNet has become, and with the name change launches a complete site overhaul. The new includes a refreshed design and simplified navigation, as well as a number of new departments and site enhancements, including:
· an online art bookstore featuring a selection of 11,000 art books.
· free email that allows you to have an email address at the premiere art site on the web and to check and send mail from any computer in the world with an Internet connection.
· a new email auction alert that scans offerings in over 250 auction houses in 28 countries and alerts you by email when works by your favorite artist appear on the international auction market.
· a new architecture for the galleries which brings all of the pages under one heading titled art & antiques and organizes the galleries by category -- Fine Art, Asian Art, Ancient Art, Antiques & Decorative Arts, Tribal Arts, Furniture & Design and Private Collections.
· a new advanced decorative arts search to match the functionality of the fine arts search for galleries.

Several additional improvements are in the works and will be coming soon:
· a fine art print store presenting thousands of prints, from every period and at every price range, providing more liquidity and accessibility to the print market.
· online auctions of fine art, which are poised to revolutionize the art market by allowing buyers to gain a comprehensive overview of the international art market, make pricing comparisons and buy works of art all in the same place.
· updates that allow specialized email messages about our offerings to be sent to our members.