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German fashion photographer Wolfgang Tillmans has won the 16th annual Turner Prize, a £20,000 purse awarded by London's Tate Gallery to a British artist under 50 for an outstanding exhibition during the previous year. The other finalists were Super Realist appropriation artist Glenn Brown, Dutch thread-painter Michael Raedecker and Japanese detritus installation artist Tomoko Takahashi. As it happens, Tillmans was the odds-on favorite to win, according to London bookmakers.

This year's competition seemed tame in comparison with previous years, which included Tracey Emin with her filthy bed, Damien Hirst and his pickled shark and Chris Ofili and his elephant dung confections. But that doesn't mean the London press didn't try to stir things up.

The hullabaloo began in June, when the Times decried that Takahashi left poor North London children in tears after breaking her promise to give them the sports equipment used in her Tennis Court Piece. More recently, the Times attacked Brown with a story headlined, "The Times Reveals Turner Prize Artist's Inspiration," detailing the paper's shocking discovery that the source of one of Brown's paintings was an old sci-fi paperback cover by illustrator Anthony Roberts. Finally, the London Telegraph trumped Tillmans' victory with "Gay Porn Photographer Snaps Up Turner Prize." And critics call the YBAs offensive!

-- Giovanni Garcia-Fenech
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