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A color-coded selection of art works -- most all sold -- from Art Cologne 2000, Nov. 5-11, 2000
(with a bow to the curatorial "coordinates" of the Museum of Modern Art's new "Open Ends" exhibition).
Photos by Walter Robinson
Rupprecht Geiger (b. 1908), Sequenz 3 x rot 750/751/752, 1982, 90,000 DM, at Edith Wahlandt Galerie, Stuttgart
Katharina Grosse wall painting at Galerie Nachst St. Stephan, Vienna 52,000 DM
Katharina Grosse, o.T., 2000, 22,000 DM at Galerie Steir-Semler, Hamburg
Robert Lucander at Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin, ca. 14 works sold at 10,500 DM
Stefan Wiesel, Spot, 2000, 9,200 DM, at Galerie Michael Zink, München
Ryan Mendoza, Marshmallow Bunny, 2000, 24,000 DM at Galerie Bernd Klüser, München
Peter Hopkins, Capital Project Covered Site (KO #2), 2000, $11,000 at Galerie Limmer, Köln
Martin Nöel, Gouache aus der serie "Hier und Heute," 2000, 6,200 DM at Galerie Heinz Holtmann, Köln
Jonathan Meese, Der Junge Meese, 2000, 11,000 DM at Christian Nagel
Thomas Florschuetz, Ricochet, 1999, 24,000 DM (each) at Sabine Schmidt, Koln
Karin Arink, Exposée, 2000, silk shirt, 5,875 DM at Galerie Tanya Rumpff, Haarlem
Renée Levi, Pera 1, 2000, 260 x 180 cm, spray paint on board in aluminum frame, 21,000 DM, at Galerie Monika Reitz, Frankfurt
Andy Warhol, Gun, 1981-82, $42,000 at Galeria Mário Sequeira, Braga
Jack Pierson, untitled (Adult Video), 1997, $22,000 at Galerie Aurel Scheibler, Köln
Works by Madeleine Berkhemer, 4,700-8,500 DM at Cokkie Snoei, Rotterdam
Kuno Gonschior, Poly II, 2000, 33,000 DM at Renate Schröder Galerie, Köln
Kuno Gonschior, Poly II, 2000 (detail)
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Variety Parade with Acrobats, 1910-26, sold for undisclosed price at Galerie Henze & Ketterer, Wichtrach/Bern
Plus, erotic photography by Thomas Ruff
Thomas Ruff, Nudes fee 13/fee 14, 1999. Sold for 50,000 DM the pair at Johnen & Schöttle, Köln
Thomas Ruff, Nude 0013, 2000, 25,000 DM at Galerie Mai 36, Zürich
Thomas Ruff, nudes cm 108, 2000, 25,000 DM at Galerie Wilma Tolksdorf, Frankfurt