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Inka Essenhigh
Toilet Paper Painting
(Suburban Outcast)

at 303

Philippe Bradshaw
Gift (Electric Chair)
at Deitch Projects

Sarah Morris
Interior Department Store [Capital]
at Jay Jopling/White Cube

Margi Geerlinks
More Than Perfect
at Stux
Sweet Armory
by Charlie Finch

The Armory Show 2002, Feb. 22-25, 2002, at Piers 88 and 90 in New York City.

The Armory Show is crisper and better-installed than ever, with many pleasures for the eye and wallet.

Note to Paul Morris: It is not right for galleries to give Tuesday and Wednesday passes to collectors before the fair opens.

Herewith, the ten best of a superb Armory show.

Alix Pearlstein at Artemis Greenberg Van Doren: a freaky nude drops into a crowd in a whimsical hi-def video.

Inka Essenhigh at 303: So wet you can smell it -- a brand new acquamarine meditation featuring flying rolls of toilet paper.

Philippe Bradshaw at Deitch: A shimmering sunset over the Ganges on one of his signature curtains, which far surpasses his previous efforts.

Rosalie Knox at Modern Culture: Beautiful petit C-prints of young women making up -- so reasonable priced that I bought one.

Steven Lowy at Torch: Thin strips of mystical landscapes in Bali, tres relaxing.

Margi Geerlinks at Stux: A mesmerizing photograph of a sexy blonde femme nude, studded with Surrealist lips.

John Newsom at Silverstein: Wasps and honeybees annihilate a Jorge Pardo background -- far superior to his previous work.

Yuki Kimura at Kodama: A stunning installation of photographs mocking the autoerotic subtext of consumer technology.

Sarah Morris at White Cube: Gorgeous LeWittean structures that evoke the fragility of 9/11.

Naoto Kawahara at Taka Ishii: More shameless erotica from the East, enveloped in a Kilimnickian ocean spray.

But it's up to you -- there's so much more. Congratulations all around.

CHARLIE FINCH is co-author of Most Art Sucks: Five Years of Coagula (Smart Art Press).