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    Puppy Chow
by Charlie Finch
Jeff Koons
at Rockefeller Center
Jeff Koons
2000, and Paul Manship's Prometheus, 1934
Hush, giant Puppy,
don't you cry,
Koonzy's gonna buy you
a piece of the sky
where you can lift your leg
and wiggle your butt
and urinate on Koonzy's old smut
of Jeff copulatin'
with his Italian bride --
Put on skates, giant Puppy
and glide, glide, glide,
a duet with Prometheus
on the Rockefeller rink
(but you're so heavy, Puppy,
that you'd definitely sink!).
So strut up Fifth Avenue
with the marching bands,
(and watch out for Edward Scissorhands)
Jeff Koons on your back
giving flowers a braid --
Oops! Giant Puppy,
don't rain on the parade!
Go back to your doghouse at 30 Rock,
give newsman Tom Brokaw
a ride round the block
then bow and sit proudly
ourtside number Thirty --
New Yorkers love you
and you got Koons' hands dirty!

CHARLIE FINCH is coauthor of Most Art Sucks: Five Years of Coagula (1998).